Frustrated trying to manage duplicate iTunes tracks on your Mac?
Of course you are!

iTunes' Show Duplicates feature is helpful but you still have to examine every single track and somehow decide whether you want to keep or delete the duplicates it might find.

Now there's Dupin. Your iTunes duplicates manager.

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A registration code is $15

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With Dupin you can:

  • Very quickly find all sets of duplicate iTunes tracks based on your choice of criteria
  • Select the "Keeper" tracks from among a number of duplicates automatically using a variety of versatile filtering options
  • Consolidate the play, skip, and ratings information from all tracks in a Dupe Group to the single "Keeper" track
  • Re-populate iTunes playlists replacing "non-Keeper" tracks with "Keeper" tracks
  • Remove duplicate tracks from iTunes and send files to the Trash
  • Audition tracks with QuickLook
  • Manage intentionally duplicated tracks
  • Manage intentionally duplicated tracks
  • Delete duplicate "dead" tracks
  • View duplicates in non-loaded libraries created with iTunes' multiple library feature
  • View duplicates in iTunes libraries on other machines on your local network
  • Sort tracks and view track info
  • Export a list of duplicates to a text file
  • Locate tracks in the Finder and in iTunes

In addition, Dupin features:

  • Compatibility with iTunes Match
  • Support for Notifications
  • Familiar iTunes-like interface
  • Robust Documentation via the Help Menu
  • Ample keyboard shortcuts
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Optional update checking

Dupin is easy to configure and use. Download the well-featured demo and try it out for yourself now.

What reviewers say:

  • "Dupin [does] a much better job than iTunes' Show Duplicate Items command of finding and zapping duplicate files, letting you easily tame overflowing libraries."
    - Jonathan Seff, Executive Editor, Macworld, "5 Essential Tools That Every iTunes User Should Have"
  • "Dupin comes in so handy, and for $15 it's a small investment for your sanity."
    - Dave Taylor, Mac Author, Ask Dave Taylor
  • "Dupin does an excellent job finding all those pesky duplicates and removing them from your iTunes library."
    - Roberto Baldwin, Mac|Life
  • "The app performs well and comes with an accessible interface and excellent functionality. If you have a large iTunes library, you'll love it."
    - Chris Page, Editor CNET's Download.com
  • "If, like me, your iTunes library is an unholy mess, I'd suggest you give it a spin."
    - Christopher Breen, Senior Editor, Macworld

System Requirements

  • Intel Macintosh computer running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later
  • Compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • iTunes 11 or iTunes 12
  • Gatekeeper Security: Dupin is signed with an authorized Developer ID
  • Version 2.7.4 of Dupin will run on OS X 10.6 and 10.7 with iTunes 11
  • Dupin does not work with Microsoft Windows

Updated in Dupin v2.8.5:

  • Fixes Re-Playlist issue repopulating Playlist Folders
  • Fixes Re-Playlist issue with dead tracks
  • Fixes a bug when encountering empty playlists during Remove Duplicate Entries From Playlist
  • Minor performance enhancements
  • Updates to Help
  • March 20, 2015

This update is free for registered users of Dupin v2.5+

Complete version history

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New Users...

The unregistered demo version of Dupin will display up to 20 sets of duplicate tracks per session and permit a single "Purge" operation per launch. All other features are unencumbered.

A registration code for Dupin is $15.00.

After your payment is received you will be emailed a registration code and instructions which will enable Dupin to display all the duplicates it finds. You'll also enable me to continue working on Dupin and make it work better for you!

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This version of Dupin is a free update if your current Dupin registration was purchased after June 2011.

If your registration was purchased before July 2011 then you can upgrade your registration for $7. Download and launch the current version of Dupin to make an in-app purchase.

Download Older System Version

If you need to install Dupin version 2.7.4 you can download it from here. Dupin v2.7.4 is for OS X 10.6 - 10.9 but will not run on 10.10 or later.

Web mail users (Gmail, and so on): There is a possibility that unsolicited email messages from me—such as the one containing your registration code—will be re-routed to your spam or junk mailbox. As soon as you receive the PayPal confirmation, check these mailboxes for the email containing your registration code. Otherwise, if you don't receive your code, let me know; it may take me a day or two to manually send you a code.

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If you have any problems, ideas or suggestions, please email me.

My name is Doug Adams,
support at dougscripts dot com.

Currently, I can only accept payments electronically via PayPal. For other payment options, please email me at dougscripts at mac dot com.

This application uses reasonable precautions to protect your data, but that is no guarantee against unforseen situations on your computer. I make no guarantees to this application's effectiveness on your computer and cannot take any responsibility if something goes wrong while using this application. If this makes you aprehensive then please be certain to backup your iTunes audio and video files before using.

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