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August 26 '14 - 11:15 am
UPDATED: Random Full Albums to Playlist

Random Full Albums to Playlist v1.1 will assemble a user-set number of randomly selected full albums to a playlist.

This version fixes a problem whereby only the last disk in a multi-disk collection would ever be selected. Now, only a single disk in such a collection will be selected.

More information and download is here.

July 13 '14 - 3:43 pm
UPDATED: Not In Any Playlist v2.0

I don’t necessarily encourage using playlists as longer-than-semi-temporary organizers. In fact, you could trash all my playlists right now and I wouldn’t care. But if the thought of doing that on your own library makes your spine melt at about L5 then you might have OCD want to try meditation Not In Any Playlist.

This applet will scan iTunes for tracks that are not assigned to any user-created playlists and display them. Includes options to export the list as a text file, ignore Smart playlists, ignore non-Music tracks, and copy selected tracks to a new or existing iTunes playlist.

Not In Any Playlist is free to try full-featured for 10 days. More info and download here.

June 13 '14 - 4:59 pm
NEW: Make Mega Playlist

Make Mega Playlist will allow you to create a “mega” playlist built by appending the tracks of chosen playlists to it in their play order; the effect being that the contents of the mega playlist will play in “playlist” order.

Kirk McElhearn wrote about this script in this Ask the iTunes Guy column at Macworld.

More information and download is here.

June 5 '14 - 12:19 pm
NEW: Random Full Albums to Playlist

I saw this picture while browsing the other day:

Remember when the sides of multi-disc albums would be assigned based on how they would be stacked and flipped on the changer? A three-disc album would be sided as 1/6, 2/5, 3/4. With a changer you only had to get up once to flip “Woodstock” (Side 4 had Santana and Ten Years After, which made the effort worth it).


In the spirit of the venerable art of full-album listening, here’s Random Full Albums to Playlist.

Launch it and it will ask you to enter the number of albums you want in the playlist. It will then assemble a totally random collection of albums to a “Some Random Albums” playlist. The playlist will be re-created on each launch, unless you choose to append additional random albums to an existing “Some Random Albums” playlist.

More information and download is here.

May 25 '14 - 11:33 am
NEW: Refresh Smart Playlists v1.0

For years my go-to Smart Playlist has been one called “100 Songs Or So”, which is essentially a bunch of tracks that haven’t been played in a few months (plus no Holiday tracks, songs shorter than ten minutes, and so on). Early on I figured out that the contents of “100 Songs Or So” could be refreshed by deleting all its tracks and allowing it to dynamically re-populate.

It was suggested to me recently that it might be advantageous to perform this kind of refresh on more than one SP at a time—say, just before you sync them to a device. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t think of these things.

Refresh Smart Playlists will display a panel from which you can select the Smart Playlists in iTunes that you want to re-populate. Click the refresh button and they’re instantly updated.

The Smart Playlists you’ve selected will be remembered the next time you launch the script so you can quickly refresh your favored SPs without having to select them each launch.

Not every Smart Playlist is “refreshable”, of course. For example, if a Smart Playlist already contains every track from the library that meets its criteria, its tracks can’t be deleted. A Smart Playlist that uses “Limit to” and “Live updating” criteria is more inclined to be dynamic.

More information and download is here.

May 20 '14 - 10:23 am
UPDATED: Merge-Delete Playlists v3.3

Merge-Delete Playlists will allow you to merge the track contents of two or more playlists or delete any number of playlists at once, including Smart, Genius, and Playlist Folder playlists. The merge feature will prevent the same tracks that may appear in different source playlists from being duplicated and has an option to delete original playlists. The delete feature only deletes the playlist; tracks, of course, remain in the library.

This latest version fixes issues running under Mavericks and fixes a problem re-enabling after a delete operation.

More information and download is here.

December 1 '12 - 11:36 am
UPDATED: Assimilate View Options v3.1

Assimilate View Options v3.1 re-creates a single selected playlist so its View Options (visible columns) are the same as the Music library (taking advantage of the fact that new playlists acquire the Music library’s View Options).

This latest version worksaround iTunes 11’s shuffle/song repeat difficulties which tripped an error when trying to re-apply those settings and prevented the script from completing properly.

October 9 '12 - 10:43 am
Emulate Drag Playlist Folder to Make New Playlist

You can use the “Duplicate” option in a playlist’s contextual menu to make an exact copy of the selected playlist. This works for regular and Smart playlists. You can also select a playlist and drag it in the Playlists section of the Source list to duplicate it as a regular playlist. Using this method will duplicate any kind of playlist as a regular playlist. This is especially useful for making a playlist from a Playlist Folder, which does not have “Duplicate” in its contextual menu.

But you may find it easier to run a script on a selected playlist to duplicate it, especially if you aren’t wild about the drag-and-duplicate method which can be slippery. The script below will duplicate any selected playlist as a regular playlist. The new playlist will have the same name as the selected playlist, but you can edit this to include ” copy” or something if you wish:

tell application "iTunes"

set selectedPlaylist to view of front window

set newPlaylist to (make new playlist with properties {name:(get name of selectedPlaylist)})

duplicate tracks of selectedPlaylist to newPlaylist

reveal newPlaylist

end tell

(The last command to reveal selects the new playlist; you may not want this.) Name it whatever you like and Save it as a compiled script in ~Library/iTunes/Scripts/. I’ve found this very handy for making playlists from Playlist Folders that contain several playlists (or sub-Playlist Folders of playlists). Works great with a keyboard shortcut.

October 4 '12 - 4:43 pm
UPDATED: Playlist Manager v1.1

Playlist Manager v1.1 can perform common useful tasks on a multiple selection of playlists: rename (add text, remove text, search and replace text), toggle repeat and shuffle, duplicate, delete, export, merge.

This latest version fixes a problem with renaming playlists that are contained in Playlist Folders and now allows “blank” to be used as the replace text in the Search and Replace tool.

September 28 '12 - 12:33 pm
NEW: Playlist Manager

I create, reuse, and recycle playlists frequently and my playlists rarely remain static. A hindrance in my playlist management is the inability to select more than one playlist at a time to, say, delete or rename them. Well, I got around to fixing that with Playlist Manager.

This applet can perform common useful tasks on a multiple selection of playlists: rename (add text, remove text, search and replace text), toggle repeat and shuffle, duplicate, delete, export, merge.

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