Batch merge and/or delete playlists

This script (formerly named "Batch-Delete Playlists") will allow you to merge the track contents of two or more playlists or delete any number of playlists at once, including Smart, Genius, and folder playlists. The merge feature will prevent the same tracks that may appear in different source playlists from being duplicated and has an option to delete original playlists. The delete feature only deletes the playlist; tracks, of course, remain in the library.
Very handy when assigned a keyboard shortcut.

Also see Playlist Manager.

OS X 10.6 or later only. Previous universal version (without the merge feature) available at the link below in the "Info" section.

Action shot:

Merge-Delete Playlists in action

About to merge two selected playlists to a single existing playlist. The tracks in the two selected playlists will be copied to the target playlist.

Latest version:

  • July 23, 2012


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