Change the settings of hidden iTunes preferences

Note: This script has not been updated for iTunes 11. Several settings* are no longer applicable in iTunes 11.

Reviewed as a Macworld Mac Gem and rated 4.0 out 5 Mice.

This application will allow you to invoke hidden iTunes preferences:

  • Show "Library" playlist*
  • Changing view setting is global*
  • Allow half-stars in ratings
  • Hide "Ping" buttons*
  • Show/hide arrow links -- to either search the iTunes Store or search your library*
  • Load complete iTunes Store preview before playing*
  • Create playlists for purchased song collections*
  • Play songs while importing or converting
  • Create file names with track number
  • Grid View Search results switch to List View*
  • Option-click zoom button for Mini Player*
  • Disable "elastic" scrolling behavior

For iTunes 9 or later in OS X 10.6 or later only. Previous version for earlier systems is available via direct download in the "Info" section below.

Action shot:

Change Hidden iTunes Preferences in action

Check the settings you want applied and click the "Apply" button.

Latest version:

  • July 19, 2012


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