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Edit artist/composer-related tags text for sorting purposes

For macOS 10.10 and later only. This applet will parse the text of the chosen tag (Artist, Album Artist, Composer or one of their Sort siblings) of a selection of tracks:

Move the LAST word of the tag to the beginning, eg:

  • Hound Dog Taylor -> Taylor, Hound Dog
  • OR Move the FIRST word of the tag to the end, eg:

  • The Crystal Method -> Crystal Method, The
  • Then, the newly configured text can be copied back to your choice of Artist, Album Artist, Composer, Sort Artist, Sort Album Artist and/or Sort Composer tag(s).

    Action shot:

    Artist to Last-First in action

    Select some tracks and launch; choose the format (here, "Move last word to front of tag" is chosen); then choose which tags get the edited text.

    Latest version:

    • September 8, 2017
    • Initial accommodations for macOS 10.13 High Sierra
    • Minor performance and security enhancements



    • This is an Applet
    • file format: Application (Applet)
    • Gatekeeper Security: Authorized Apple Developer ID
    • current version downloads: 148 | total downloads: 5559
    • .zip download size: 380.5K
    • older pre-OS X 10.9 version: direct download
    • older pre-OS X 10.11 version: direct download
    download ⬇

    Current v4.2

    Free to use, but a payment
    in appreciation is requested.
    Thanks for your support!

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