Welcome Tex-Edit Plus Users!

Here's where you'll find lots of free AppleScripts to use with TE+.

Download 199 diverse and useful AppleScripts from the Archive all written by and for Tex-Edit Plus users, all free to download.

What's Tex-Edit Plus?

Tex-Edit Plus (not to be confused with Apple's "TextEdit") is the remarkable and award-winning shareware text editor for Macintosh computers from Trans-Tex Software.

Among its many amazing features is its ability to use AppleScripts via an AppleScripts menu. AppleScripts written for Tex-Edit Plus enhance and extend its functionality and versatility and enable users to customize Tex-Edit Plus for their own specific text creation and editing purposes.

Frankly, your quality of life will be greatly enhanced with Tex-Edit Plus on yer Mac.

Where Do I Start?

Start browsing the site by using the Script Category links on the left. Or use the search box at the top of every page to look for something specific.

Good Lord! Tom Bender has released a Lion-compatible beta of Tex-Edit Plus! (September 28, 2011)

I must admit this caught me off-guard. I haven't updated this site in nearly three years. I don't even have a format to post messages like this one. So it looks like I may have to get cracking.