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Font Character Set

written by Mark Butcher
posted: Feb 3, 2001

Two foldered scripts enable you to see the the character set of the current selection's font or a font chosen from a list of installed fonts.

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QuickTime Styled Text

written by Brennan Young
posted: Sep 21, 2000

This script enables you to use Tex-Edit to easily create heterogeneous styled text in a QuickTime Text Track. Folder contains the script, examples, and URL to author's website explaining more. This update handles multiple justifications and fixes a few other bugs related to Tex-Edit's more recent developments.

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Colorize Perl Classic OS

written by Luca Falzoni
posted: Sep 3, 2000

Colorizes various elements in source Perl files.
Requires "RegEx Commands" Scripting Addition.

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Email Clean

written by Graham Norbury
posted: Sep 3, 2000

Tidies up e-mail text by removing double carriage returns. Simple, effective.

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Interpolate Baseline

written by David McCabe
posted: Jul 31, 2000

Using hilited first and last characters' baseline ascent, interpolates a subscript/superscript value for the entire selection.

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Clean My File

written by Robert B. Parker
posted: May 25, 2000

Run this script on text copied from a web page to clean up high ASCII characters, remove CRs, and otherwise make the text more presentable.

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written by Philippe Gruchet
posted: May 8, 2000

This script let's you enter two words which appear side by side then searches the front document and juxtaposes all occurences of them. Reports on number of changes made, if any.

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JAM Text Strip

written by Wayne Brissette
posted: Mar 14, 2000

Two scripts strip out the many miscellaneous fields that Roxio's JAM text list puts into it's cue sheets. One script removes all fields except track number, name, and time (without frame number) from JAM text files that do not contain mastering information; the second, strips the same info from text files that do contain mastering information.

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Font and Size Changers

written by Matt Petrowsky
posted: Jan 16, 2000

Foldered set of three scripts: Font Changer, Size Changer, and Font

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Quote Styles

written by BP Jonnson
posted: Jan 16, 2000

Foldered set of 5 scripts re-sets your default quotation preferences to those typically used by various countries/languages. This set includes English, German, Swedish, Old Style Swedish, and Stupefy Quotes serving as a re-set.

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