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QIF Cleaner

written by Doug Adams
posted: Nov 22, 2005

Example of how to convert QIF file in Tex-Edit, adding your own categories, payees, and so on.

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Clean Up Your Syntax 2.0

written by Philippe Gruchet
posted: Jun 29, 2002

Script corrects the syntax of any text document opened in TE using four lists that the user can change to suit their needs. The original document (window 1) is not modified. This script creates a new file on the desktop.

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Word 97 to Mac Classic OS

written by Paulette Brown
posted: Jun 29, 2002

Tidies-up various characters in a Word 97 doc opened in Tex-Edit.

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Daniels Sonderzeichen PC->Mac

written by Daniel Pfaender
posted: Mar 7, 2002

Corrects conversion errors when opening German txt-files (PC) on Mac, replacing all German special characters (e.g. ae, oe, ue, sz) with the correct ones.

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written by Ric Getter
posted: Jan 19, 2002

This script takes the info.txt files generated by the higher-end Nikon digital cameras (CoolPix 8xx's and up) and translates them into a more useful comma-delimited file that can be read into a spreadsheet or database. (For reasons unknown, the original info.txt file is return-delimited with field names attached to each record.)

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Transcriptor (cyrillic-> roman)

written by Konrad Gmelin
posted: Nov 16, 2001

Converts Cyrillic text to Roman.

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Tex-Edit Drop Converters Classic OS

written by Kay Freidlein
posted: Oct 3, 2001

Six scripts for converting text files with Tex-Edit via drag-and-drop.They convert files between SimpleText and Tex-Edit formats, and make text files out of text clippings, preserving as much formatting as possible.

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Text->TE Folder Action Classic OS

written by Daniel Milani
posted: Mar 1, 2001

Folder Action Script converts files of creator type "TEXT" (such as SimpleText documents) to Tex-Edit type when files are added to a folder.

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macgix TE Scripts

written by Thomas Kuehner
posted: Feb 14, 2001

Two scripts: "SetStyles" and "Text To HTML Parser", respectively, assist in using style sets (fonts, styles, and color) and convert text to HTML. Contains a helpful ReadMe.

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HTML -> Mac 2

written by
posted: Feb 3, 2001

Two scripts convert HTML formatting to regular text, with, I think, particular emphasis on German text and punctuation.

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