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Win <-> Mac (D)

written by Theis Klussmeier
posted: Nov 18, 2000

Two scripts convert Windows ASCII text to Mac, and visa versa, with particular attention to German characters.

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Strip HTML Plus

written by Marc K. Myers
posted: Aug 10, 2000

Based on "Strip HTML", eliminates most HTML tags and further cleans up HTML source text.

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Convert to Tex-Edit

written by Michael Kisor
posted: Jul 14, 2000

This is a droplet. It converts any TEXT file to Tex-Edit; ignores any other creator type. Saved as a Read-Only script.

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Text Encoder Classic OS

written by Ralph Davidovits
posted: Jul 14, 2000

Text Encoder is for people who are dealing with non 7 bits US-ASCII texts. It encodes and converts a text from and to every encoding methods available (ISO, Unicode, X-Mac, Windows, EUC, Big5, etc.) from the Text Encoding extension of your system folder.
Text Encoder is perfect for converting mail and news messages, html files, files from other computers with other languages. Folder also contains two freeware osax and a link to contact their authors and Read Me.
Requires "TEC.PPC" and "Choose Item" Scripting Additions, included.

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Convert Mac -> HTML

written by Tom Bender
posted: Apr 10, 2000

Demonstrates how AppleScript can help create a web page. Text styles, colors and many text ornaments in the front document will be converted to their html equivalents in a new window.
? This script is included with Tex-Edit Plus.

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Convert Mac->TeX/LaTeX

written by Salvatore Guadenzi
posted: Apr 10, 2000

Two scripts assist in converting Tex-Edit documents to TeX and LaTeX formatting.

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Clean URL

written by Andrew Sasaki
posted: Dec 2, 1999

Strips undesirable characters out of URLs copied from links, including javascripts that open another window and links where "http:" appears twice.

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Mac->7-bit ASCII

written by Kay Friedlein
posted: Sep 23, 1999

Converts the frontmost window to 7-bit ASCII and hard wraps the text
Umlaut-savvy and takes care of several special characters. Useful for making text low-tech cross-platform email-ready.

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Web Clean and Web Print

written by Stephen Ickes
posted: Sep 6, 1999

Two scripts paste text copied from a Web Browser into a new TE document, and formats it for printing on 8.5"x11" paper. It removes line feeds, carriage returns, extra spaces, smartens quotes and apostrophies and sets the line length to 76 characters. Web Print also then prints the document. Includes ReadMe's.

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written by Don Foy
posted: May 16, 1999

This script will take mail from BareBones Software's Mailsmith and put it into Tex-Edit, as well as do some rudimentary cleanup.

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