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Cycle/Stack Windows

written by Kerim Friedman
posted: Oct 4, 2002

Two scripts: "Cycle Windows", set to use (Command-) to cycle through all TE windows one by one; and "Stack Windows" (Command-shift-W). Shortcuts keys are user-changeable.

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Close All

written by Phillipe Gruchet
posted: Nov 25, 2001

Closes all the open TE windows without asking to be careful!

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Close All But Front

written by Doug Adams
posted: Jun 17, 2001

Closes all the windows except the front one.

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Make Window 640x480

written by Doug Adams
posted: Nov 4, 2000

Re-sizes the window to fill the screen of a monitor with 640 x 480 resolution. Handy for large monitor users to make documents more convenient for users of smaller monitors.

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Copy to New Window

written by Doug Adams
posted: Oct 26, 2000

Makes an exact copy of the front window, appending "copy" to the window name...OR...copies the current selection to a new untitled window of the same proportions as the original window. Works on read-only, un-saved, and untitled documents as well.

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Stagger Windows

written by Marc K. Myers
posted: Aug 10, 2000

Emulates TE's "Stack" Windows command; arranges all open Tex-Edit Plus windows staggered with their titles showing.

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Background Color Pick Classic OS

written by Brennan Young
posted: Mar 14, 2000

Brings up the Color Picker so you can select your own TE window background color (TE version 2.8 and later).
Requires "Jon's Commands" Scripting Addition.

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All Windows Behind Front

written by Doug Adams
posted: Feb 18, 1999

Aligns all open windows behind the frontmost document.

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Lock Front Window

written by Mark Butcher
posted: Nov 25, 1998

Toggles the state of the front window between locked and unlocked. The Name in Title Bar (but not the file name) is changed to indicate if file has been locked. Useful if you are using a document as a reference and don't want to accidentally alter it.

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Delete Window

written by Joel Burtsche
posted: Jul 1, 1998

Close front window, send file to Trash

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