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Fix Shortcuts Modern OS

written by Doug Adams
posted: May 17, 2004

Convert the Tex-Edit Scripts in your Scripts folder that have pre-4.6.9 "/" specifiers for shortcuts to "_" characters.

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written by Andrew Sasaki
posted: Dec 13, 2003

Uses a simple algorithm to encrypt all the text in the front window using a case-sensitive string you provide. Not true encryption, just enough to discourage casual observers.

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Random Colors Scripts

written by Christopher R. Green
posted: Dec 13, 2003

Three scripts to assist with manipulating text and background colors: Random BG and Text Colors lets you browse random color combinations; and the self-explanatory Random BG Colors and Random Text Colors. Includes Read Me.

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RSS Scripts Modern OS

written by Doug Adams
posted: Sep 17, 2003

A collection of three scripts to assist with creating RSS entries with Tex-Edit Plus. Currently, these scripts conform to RSS 0.91.

  • Make RSS Entry - Creates an entry using your supplied title and link and pastes it to cursor position in the front window, placing the cursor between description tags.
  • RSS Date Format to Clipboard - Sets the clipboard to the current date in requisite RSS format.
  • Fix HTML for RSS - Converts quotes, ampersands, and brackets to their entity equivalents.

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Synchronize Folders Modern OS

written by Tom Bender
posted: Mar 26, 2003

Here is a useful script that allows you to "merge" Scripts folders when updating TE to a new version. This eliminates the problem with saving all your new or modified scripts and transferring them to the TE "Scripts" folder every time a new version is installed.

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Address Book for TE 1.1

written by Paul Bondarovski
posted: Jun 29, 2002

Simple and effective set of scripts to create an address database in Tex-Edit Plus. Read Me explains more.
Latest version eliminates the need for some preliminary user-modifications.

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written by Philippe Gruchet
posted: Jun 29, 2002

Adds up all first words of each selected lines (1 at least). If these words are numbers (only integers), they are calculated as a sum. Finally, this sum is spoken.

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All Fonts, One File

written by Thomas Born
posted: Mar 7, 2002

Makes a new Tex-Edit Plus file into which it will copy a sample text of every available font.

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TE Script Palette Classic OS

written by Matthew W. Schmeer
posted: Jan 19, 2002

Provides a floating palette linked to frequently used scripts.
TE Script Palette 1.0.1 requires the Akua Sweets 1.43 and Dialog Director 0.7 Scripting Additions. The default scripts in the plug-in folder require Sigma's Additions 0.81b. These scripting additions are available for free at

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Display As QuickTime Classic OS

written by Brennan Young
posted: Aug 7, 2001

[pre-Mac OS X] View text files as Quicktime movies in Tex Edit Plus without having to send the file to the Quicktime player.
Requires the Akua Sweets Scripting Addition.

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