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Delete Certain Paragraphs

written by Christopher R. Green
posted: Dec 13, 2003

Delete the paragraphs of a document that contain or don't contain a user-input search string.

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Delete My Line or Paragraph

written by Doug Adams
posted: Sep 19, 2003

Searches a document and locates the lines (or pargraphs) that contain your search string and asks to delete them.
Latest version runs more efficiently in OS X.

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Replace In All Files In Folder Modern OS

written by Doug Adams
posted: Sep 18, 2003

Performs a search and replace within every Tex-Edit file in the parent folder of the frontmost document. Great for changes on many similar documents.

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Super Replace

written by Chris Green
posted: Feb 3, 2002

Super Replace allows you to do much more powerful search and replace in Tex-Edit Plus than perhaps what you are used to. It can search and replace hilite color, any text color, and any size - in addition to the usual options (font, style, "menu-named" size, "menu-named" text colors).

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Collect Lines

written by Sash Eranki
posted: Nov 25, 2001

This script will search an open file in Tex-Edit for all lines containing a user defined string and import all found lines to a new window.

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Bookmarks for TE

written by Thomas Born
posted: Oct 26, 2001

Two scripts let you set bookmarks in a document then find and return to them. ReadMe explains all.

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Make Search and Replace Script

written by Andrew Sasaki
posted: Feb 14, 2001

Script will assist you in making "Search and Replace" scripts; using two words from a TE doc as the "search" and "replace" string, writes the text of a script which you then copy and compile in Script Editor. Neat!

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Parse Tab Text

written by Philippe Gruchet
posted: Aug 30, 2000

Assists in searching for and replacing strings in a tabbed text file.

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Replace RegEx

written by Marion Delgado
posted: Dec 2, 1999

Puts a global regular expression (grep) replace dialog into Tex-Edit, marked to the shift-Cmd-F key.

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Get Matching Paragraphs Classic OS

written by Paul Bondarovski
posted: Apr 5, 1999

This script will search a user selected text file for all paragraphs containing a user defined string and import all found paragraphs to a new Tex-Edit Plus window.
? Requires "Tanaka's OSAX" Scripting Addition.

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