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Close and Delete Now Modern OS

written by Doug Adams
posted: Sep 17, 2003

Run this script to close and immediately delete the frontmost Tex-Edit Plus document. This does not simply move the file to the Trash; the file is removed from your computer using UNIX "rm". Confirmation dialogs can be "commented out" if desirable.

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Save For UNIX

written by Doug Adams
posted: Sep 5, 2003

Converts carriage returns to linefeeds and saves front document in the continue to see document with carriage returns. I use it when working on Perl cgi's that so I can quickly see results in Apache. It's essentially an automation of Command-X, Command-S, Command-Z. I use it every day.

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(Re)name to selection

written by Thomas Born
posted: Nov 25, 2001

Renames the front window to any selected text within the document and saves with the new name.

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Startup and Shutdown II

written by Abby Beckert
posted: Sep 14, 2001

This set of Startup and Shutdown scripts remembers the open Tex-Edit documents at shutdown and opens them again on the next Tex-Edit startup.

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Where Is This

written by Doug Adams
posted: Jun 17, 2001

Reports the location of the frontmost Tex-Edit document in an alert-type box and gives you the option of revealing the file in the Finder.

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List File Names

written by Jonathan Feulner
posted: Dec 15, 2000

This is a droplet. Makes a list of the names of the files dropped onto it in a new Tex-Edit document.

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Save All TE Windows

written by Kerim Friedman
posted: May 25, 2000

Script saves all open windows as files to a new folder on the desktop. It can also be modified to filter documents containing specified text. The "Read Me" doc contains more info.
Requires "FB Replace" Scripting Addition.

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Close/Send to Folder...

written by Kerim Friedman
posted: Jan 16, 2000

Closes the frontmost document and saves it to a user-selected folder, not necessarily the folder in which it currently resides.

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Save With Custom Icon Classic OS

written by Michael Keuter
posted: Jul 16, 1999

Saves the frontmost TE document with its custom icon.

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Save As Internet Explorer Classic OS

written by Doug Adams
posted: Jun 7, 1999

Saves the front most document in Tex-Edit with the creator code for Internet Explorer; thus making it native to Explorer.

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