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Clean Up My Message Classic OS

written by Philippe Gruchet
posted: Jun 29, 2002

This script interacts with Outlook Express and Tex-Edit in background to correct the display of some extended characters when the MIME format is not well recognized or not supported by a server or by the client. Or when users encounter an 'unknown' conflict in their own text encoding configuration.

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Clean Claris Classic OS

written by David Henderson
posted: Feb 3, 2001

Assists in cleaning up tags set by Claris Home Page.

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Check My Prefs 4.0.1 Classic OS

written by Doug Adams
posted: Sep 21, 2000

This script creates a listing in a new document of your current Tex-Edit Plus Preferences, allowing you to document Preferences for future reference. This version works with Tex-Edit Plus version 4.0.1 only.

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Check My Prefs Classic OS

written by Doug Adams
posted: Oct 11, 1999

Same as above for earlier versions of Tex-Edit Plus.

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Replace In Selection Classic OS

written by Mark Butcher, et al
posted: Mar 15, 1999

Replaces a text string with another within a hilited portion of text, with selectable options for whole words and cases match.

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Cursor Home/Cursor End

written by Doug Adams
posted: Feb 15, 1999

Two scripts move the cursor to the top or bottom of the frontmost document.

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Sort Paragraphs-Ignore Case

written by Luke
posted: Feb 15, 1999

Writes every paragraph of text in the frontmost document to a new document (created for the occasion), sorting them alphabetically in the process.

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Arrange Windows

written by Mark Butcher
posted: Oct 16, 1998

Four scripts for re-arranging TE windows: "Max View" toggles the window size between positioning the Title Block of the front window behind the Menu Bar, and the maximum default zoom position. When the Title Block is behind the Menu Bar, a couple of pixels of the Title Block are still visible if required to manually re-position the window; "Stack Windows" arranges all open windows in a staggered stack formation; "Tile Windows 2 Wide" ; "Tile Windows Vertically".

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Print Selection

written by Marco Piovanelli
posted: Jul 28, 1998

Prints a highlighted selection of text.

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Convert HTML -> Mac

written by
posted: Jul 1, 1998

Convert HTML to Mac compatible text.
? This script is included with Tex-Edit Plus.

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