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Automator Actions & Workflows

Automator is Apple's "personal automation assistant". Mac OS X 10.4 and better comes equipped with Automator. Using Automator you build automation Workflows made up of Actions. Each Action performs a specific task and passes its results on to the next Action. A complete Workflow performs automated tasks similar to AppleScript. In fact, many Actions are created with Xcode using AppleScript.

The advantage of using Automator is that you can create customized Workflows using any number of Actions that can operate with many applications. Another advantage is that you can save Workflows as Plug-ins which are accessible by a Control-click anywhere on the desktop.

The latest versions of Tex-Edit Plus come with a bunch of Automator Actions that are appropriately installed when you install Tex-Edit Plus. (As of this writing, Tom Bender is the only person creating Actions for Tex-Edit Plus. I've written a few Actions for iTunes and I can tell you that it's rather cumbersome and time consuming. I'd just as soon write an AppleScript.) If you open the Automator application and scroll down the Library column you will see "Tex-Edit Plus" listed. Click on "Tex-Edit Plus" and the Actions will be displayed.

  Example Automator Workflow using Actions for Tex-Edit Plus -- these Actions are available as of TE+ 4.9.6

For the uninitiated, creating Workflows is best done through trial and error. Most Automator Actions are fairly well described so that you have a good idea of what they will do. For more information on Automator Actions and creating Workflows, check out Apple's site, Automator World, Macscripter's Automator Actions, and Tom Bender's "About Automator" article that is included with the Tex-Edit Plus download.

When third-party Actions for Tex-Edit Plus become available I will post them here.