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The AppleScripts for Tex-Edit Plus Archives is sorted by Category. Additionally, you can use the Search form at the top of the page to try and locate scripts by keywords that may be found in their descriptions.

Text & Character
Scripts that manipulate text, including styles and character conversions.
Document Conversions
Scripts that assist in converting document text from one format to another.
Window Manipulation
Controlling window size and placement.
Working WIth Files
Scripts open, save, and otherwise work with TE+ files in the Finder.
Scripts to assist with printing TE+ documents.
HTML Authoring
Scripts that perform a wide variety of HTML tasks, including inserting tags, converting and importing text.
Search, Sort, Replace
Various tasks that search, sort, and/or replace text.
Fun Scripts
Amusement purposes only.
A-categorical scripts.
TE & Other Apps
Scripts that integrate operations between Tex-Edit Plus and other applications.
Automator Actions
Auotomator Actions written specifically for Tex-Edit Plus.
Retro Scripts
Scripts whose functions have either been incorporated into Tex-Edit Plus or are otherwise obsolete.
OS Designations

Classic OS = Classic OS. These scripts will only work in pre-OS X operating systems.

Modern OS = Modern OS. These scripts will only work in OS X.

Because many of these scripts were originally written for OS 7, OS 8 and OS 9 (generally these would be any scripts written before 2001), they may work in OS X with some editing.

Also, some scripts will obviously be designated for use with one OS or the other by virtue of their working only with applications or Scripting Additions which don't exist for a particular OS.

Until I can actually test every script under various circumstances, I have left many un-designated with regard to the OS they can work in. Your mileage will vary.


In each Category, scripts are arranged newest to oldest. When you find a script you want, click on its filename and downloading will begin. You will need StuffIt Expander to decompress files from this site. Files have been compressed as StuffIt files and have a ".sit" extension.

After downloading and expanding, AppleScripts to be used with Tex-Edit Plus should be placed in the "Scripts" folder inside the folder where the Tex-Edit Plus application resides. They will then appear under the Tex-Edit Plus "Scripts" menu. You can also run scripts from the OS X Script Menu in the system-wide menu bar by putting scripts in the Library > Scripts folder.

Tex-Edit Plus supports heirarchical folders in the Scripts menu. This let's you place folders within the Scripts folder—one deep—which appear as sub-menus.

Scripting Additions

AppleScript authors may require that you have installed the Scripting Additions that originally came with your copy of Script Editor. The installed Scripting Additions are different depending on which Macintosh OS you are running. Scripting Additions installed with the System are located in the System Folder > Scripting Additions folder. Additionally, Mac OS X users can install third-party Scripting Additions in the Library > Scripting Additions folder.

The best place to find Scripting Additions is at