Export files of selected tracks into Album folders

This script will export and sort the files of selected tracks into Album-named folders in the Finder. Or, optionally, the files can be exported/sorted to Artist (or Album Artist) folders and Album subfolders. The selected tracks needn't be pre-sorted; the script will use each selected track's tags to construct the folders. Might be handy for SD card users.

For OS X 10.6 or later.

Also see Export Files to Folder and ConvExp to Album Folders.

Action shot:

Export to Album Folders in action

Select a location in which to create the folders and export the files. Selected options are saved as defaults on the next use.

Latest version:

  • Adds "album artist" folder option
  • January 8, 2014


  • see the read me PDF
  • short url: http://dougscripts.com/508
  • category: Managing Files
  • build type: Cocoa-AppleScript
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