Stuff a thumb drive with songs from your iTunes library.

M3Unify is a flexible file exporter and M3U playlist creator that will allow you to sensibly off-load copies of your iTunes songs to a user-chosen location—separate folder, external drive, USB thumb drive, SD card and so on—the way you and your portable or car audio player want.

M3Unify can archive playlists and audio files to a folder, volume or portable media and includes options to create Artist/Album sub-folders, rename files, convert to lossy formats, export album artwork, and more.

Watch the video demonstration.

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System requirements

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With M3Unify you can:

  • Copy files of tracks dragged from iTunes or the Finder to a selected folder
  • Rename copied files using substitution patterns based on track tags
  • Create Album or Artist/Album sub-folders based on track tags
  • Export album artwork as "folder.jpg" files, one per Album sub-folder
  • Create an M3U playlist
  • Format M3U Extended track information using substitution patterns based on track tags
  • Optionally convert files to AAC or MP3 files

Plus, M3Unify features:

  • M3U preview
  • Track information and Quick Look auditioning
  • Uncluttered, easy-to-use interface
  • On-board and online help

M3Unify is easy to configure and use. (Watch the video demo, below.) Download the demo and try it out for yourself now.

System Requirements

  • OS X 10.10 or later (may operate on earlier systems)
  • iTunes 12
  • Gatekeeper Security: M3Unify is signed with an authorized Apple Developer ID
  • M3Unify does not work with Microsoft Windows

Updated in version 1.12.1 - April 16, 2019:

  • Fixed an EXTINF formatting issue
  • Minor cosmetic UI adjustments

This update is free for registered users of M3Unify. You should get it.

Updated in version 1.12.0 - January 21, 2019:

  • Maximum pixel size preference settings now also applied to image metadata embedded in converted audio files
  • Minor performance enhancements

Updated in version 1.11.0 - August 3, 2018:

  • Elementary support for FLAC files
  • Adds preference to toggle Sound Check volume normalization during AAC conversions
  • Adds preference to use MS-DOS-style backslash path delimiters instead of POSIX slash
  • Improved list navigation from Track Info window
  • Performance enhancements

Purchase and Register

The un-registered demo version of M3Unify will work with up to fifteen tracks at a time.

The full version of M3Unify costs $5.00.

After your payment is received you will be emailed a registration code and instructions which will remove the demo restrictions on M3Unify. You'll also be supporting continued development of M3Unify.

You can make safe and secure payments using your credit card. Just click the PayPal "Buy Now" button below.

Web mail users: There is a possibility that unsolicited email messages from me—such as the one containing your registration code—will be re-routed to your spam or junk mailbox. As soon as you receive the PayPal confirmation, check these mailboxes for the email containing your registration code. Otherwise, if you don't receive your code, let me know; it may take me a day or two to manually send you a code.

PayPal eCheck: Payments made by PayPal eCheck will take up to 5 business days to clear. (Your payment will be by eCheck if you do not have a credit card attached to your PayPal account or your PayPal account is "unverified".) As soon as your eCheck clears with PayPal your registration code will be emailed to you.

If you have any problems, ideas or suggestions, please email me.

My name is Doug Adams,
support at dougscripts dot com.

Currently, I can only accept payments electronically via PayPal. For other payment options, please email me at support at dougscripts dot com.

This application uses reasonable precautions to protect your data, but that is no guarantee against unforseen situations on your computer. I make no guarantees to this application's effectiveness on your computer and cannot take any responsibility if something goes wrong while using this application. If this makes you aprehensive then please be certain to backup your iTunes audio and video files before using.

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