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Dupin Lite at the Mac App Store is a lite-featured/lite-priced version of Dupin, the iTunes duplicates manager.

Go to the Dupin Lite product page.

The Dupin Quick Start Video covers the basics.

Bug reports, questions, comments can be emailed to support AT dougscripts DOT com. Include "Dupin Lite" in your subject line. A response will be sent ASAP. Before emailing, be sure your topic is not already covered here, in the Dupin Online FAQ or in the Complete Documentation in Dupin Lite's Help Menu. In the interest of expeditiousness, bug reports should contain precise details.

Please note: Apple does not permit Developers to respond to reviews at the Mac App Store. Even so, it is unlikely that I will see reviews in any kind of timely fashion. So before you lodge a public troubleshooting complaint please email support AT dougscripts DOT com for prompt assistance.

Current Issues

Version 1.4.0 released August 19, 2014. No current Issues.

Launch Note

During its initial launch, Dupin Lite will ask you to verify the locations of specific support files and folders. Dupin Lite needs to access these items. When a verify panel displays a folder you must not navigate to a different folder. This will invariably cause problems. Simply click the verify panel's "OK" button.

You can reset Dupin Lite and start fresh:

  1. Make sure Dupin Lite is not running.
  2. Trash the "com.dougscripts.DupinLite" folder in your [home]/Library/Containers/ folder. (Your user's Library folder is hidden by default. You must make it visible to access anything it contains. Press the Option key and click the Finder's "Go" menu and choose "Library" from the menu that appears. The "Library" folder will appear and you can now navigate to the "Containers" folder containing the "com.dougscripts.DupinLite" folder.) Then try launching Dupin Lite again.
  3. Click "OK" when each verify panel appears.

This issue does not affect the full version of Dupin.

Compatible with iTunes 11?

Yes. However...

I have updated to iTunes 11. Dupin Lite does not display my playlists or library in the Playlist Popup.

This may be an unusual issue with updating to iTunes 11 whereby the location of your iTunes database files is "forgotten" by the system. Please read more about this issue and a fix.

Dupin Lite is reporting that iTunes Match is enabled, but I've shut it off.

Even so, Dupin Lite has detected track entries in your iTunes library database whose "Track Type" is "Remote" meaning there is no local file for a particular track. These could be un-downloaded purchases or stray cloud tracks that are "stuck" in your library. Dupin Lite has yet to be updated to clarify the message, however the gist is the same: tracks in the cloud cannot be deleted by third-party apps. Terminology clarified in version 1.2.3.

General Questions

What happened to Dupin?

Dupin is still available, is still being maintained, and is still supported. Dupin v2.8.1 was released on September 5, 2014.

What features from the original Dupin are not part of Dupin Lite?

These are the primary features from the original Dupin that are not a part of Dupin Lite:

  • Selection Window
  • Purge Dry Run
  • "Filename" option in Criteria
  • Trash or Save Purge Option
  • Consolidate History
  • Re-Playlist
  • Open Other Library
  • Text Logging
  • Library Profile
  • Auto Get Dupes/Filtering
  • Bit Rate "Rounding"
  • Delete at once (rm)/move to Trash option

(These features are available to try in the un-registered demo version of Dupin.) Dupin Lite also has additional minor tweaks to accomodate lite-ness.

Can I demo Dupin Lite before buying it from the Mac App Store?

The Mac App Store does not permit demo or trial software. However, you can download the original Dupin and run it in un-registered demo mode. Dupin Lite has many of the same features.

I've already purchased a registration code for Dupin. What is the upgrade path?

First of all, thanks for being a registered user. Dupin will continue to be updated as necessary through the website and its own internal updating framework, Sparkle.

I've been using the original Dupin in demo mode and have yet to purchase a registration code. Can I still do so?

Yes. If you want the additional features of the original Dupin. OR if you don't think you'll require the extra features (listed above) you can purchase Dupin Lite from the Mac App Store.

Can I upgrade from Dupin Lite to Dupin?

Technically, no. They are separate applications. But if you have purchased Dupin Lite from the Mac App Store and now wish to use the full-featured version of Dupin please contact me for details on upgrading; I will need proof of your Dupin Lite Mac App Store purchase and so on.

Why won't Dupin Lite delete/Trash iTunes Match tracks during Purge—why are tracks copied to a playlist instead?

This issue only affects the way Dupin Lite handles track and file removal if you are using iTunes Match.

You may have noticed that when you delete an iTunes Match track, iTunes presents an alert that requires you to acknowledge that you actually intend to delete the track, and/or Trash the file, and/or remove the track from the cloud. Unlike other alerts in iTunes this alert cannot be suppressed by checkmarking a "Do not ask me again" option. If Dupin Lite were to delete a number of tracks you would have to acknowledge this alert for each track. Not fun if you are Purging hundreds of tracks.

The issue is that there is no way to delete a file in the cloud programmatically—presumably for security reasons. Thus, iTunes is obliged to present the delete alert.

UPDATE: iTunes 10.5.2 will not elicit the delete alert when a third-party app attempts to delete an iTunes Match track. However, third-party apps cannot remove an iTunes Match track from iTunes. This must be initiated by the user.

To workaround this issue, during the Purge operation Dupin Lite (v1.2 and better) copies the iTunes Match tracks you have designated to be removed to a new discrete playlist in iTunes. You just simply Option-Delete this playlist after the Purge (Option-Delete is the shortcut to delete a selected playlist and its contents from the iTunes library). When tracks are deleted this way, you only have to acknowledge a single set of delete alerts.

Dupin Lite Help contains more information about using Dupin Lite when iTunes Match is enabled.

I'm using Tiger or Leopard and can't access the Mac App Store to purchase Dupin Lite.

Dupin Lite is for Snow Leopard and better systems only.

Additional FAQs

The Dupin Online FAQ page addresses several general usage questions that also pertain to Dupin Lite.

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