Start curating your playlists again

Making a playlist in iTunes is pretty easy. But some people are really particular and miss the convenience of being able to assemble a playlist in one iTunes window by dragging tracks from another.

Well drag your tracks here

Playlist Assist is a floating window to which tracks from iTunes can be dragged and then sorted, arranged, auditioned, edited, exported as text, and saved back to iTunes as a new playlist. While it doesn't exactly replace the now-defunct iTunes playlist window*, its features will allow the particular user to keep playlist construction in focus while still being able to conveniently navigate around iTunes for tracks and playlists.

*Note: Apple restored playlist windows to iTunes in version 12.6 (March 21, 2017).

  • Just drag and drop.
    Sort, search, arrange, edit, shuffle, export...
    Work on a new playlist in Playlist Assist's floating window
    without clicking away from your place in iTunes.

  • Get Info on tracks, view artwork, audition audio.

  • Touch-Up tag editing. Just the basics.

  • Play selected tracks in a QuickLook window.

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Download the free demo
(Limited to 15 tracks)
System requirements

A registration code is $5

Current issues and
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  • Drag selected tracks—or a playlist or Playlist Folder of tracks—from iTunes (tracks can be dragged back to iTunes, as well)
  • Recognizes audio and video tracks
  • Sort, search, shuffle, and drag-and-drop Play Order arranging
  • QuickLook playback
  • Get Info
  • Save as new playlist to iTunes, directly to Playlist Folders if you like
  • Save and play in Up Next immediately
  • Touch-up basic tag editing
  • Export playlist data as tab-delimited text, XML, M3U
  • Export files of tracks to Finder
  • Compatible with iTunes Match tracks (however, some features only apply to local files)
  • Familiar iTunes-like interface, ample shortcuts, update checking, in-app Help

Give Playlist Assist a test drive...download the well-featured demo and start curating your playlists.

"For those who miss the drag-and-drop-between-windows approach of old, Playlist Assist is a handy tool." - Mac Gems, Macworld


Updated in version 1.3.1 (current):

  • Accommodations for macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • August 19, 2017

This version is a free upgrade for registered users.

Updated in version 1.3.0:

  • Adds column support for Work and Movement tags
  • Adds Playlist Description entry
  • Fixed a problem with play order sorting
  • Minor fixes and performance enhancements
  • December 10, 2016

System Requirements

  • Intel Macintosh computer running OS X 10.8 or later.
  • iTunes 11 or later
  • Gatekeeper Security: Playlist Assist is signed with an authorized Developer ID

Purchase and Register

Download Playlist Assist version 1.3.1 now.

The unregistered demo version of the Playlist Assist application is limited to working with 15 tracks at a time.

The full version of Playlist Assist costs $5.00. After your payment is received you will be sent a registration code and instructions which will unlock Playlist Assist's demo restrictions. You'll also enable me to continue working on feature updates for Playlist Assist.

You can make safe and secure payments using your credit card. Just click the PayPal "Buy Now" button below.

Web mail users (Gmail and so on): There is a likelihood that emails from me will be routed to your spam or junk mailbox. As soon as you receive the PayPal confirmation, check these mailboxes for the email containing your registration code. Otherwise, if you don't receive your code, let me know; it may take me a day or two to manually send you a code.

PayPal users: Payments made by PayPal eCheck will take up to 5 business days to clear. As soon as your eCheck clears with PayPal your registration code will be emailed to you. (Your payment will be by eCheck if you do not have a credit card attached to your PayPal account or your PayPal account is "unverified".)

Currently, I can only accept payments electronically via PayPal. For other payment options, please email me at dougscripts at mac dot com.

If you have any problems, ideas or suggestions, please email me.

My name is Doug Adams,
support at dougscripts dot com.

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