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Bug reports, questions, comments can be emailed to support AT dougscripts DOT com. Include "Playlist Assist" in your subject line. A response will be sent ASAP. Before emailing, be sure your topic is not already covered here or in the documentation in Playlist Assist's Help Menu.

In the interest of expeditiousness, bug reports should contain precise details. If possible check Console.app for any Playlist Assist-related error messages. In case you don't know, Console.app is located in Applications/Utilities/. Launch Console.app and make sure the left column "Log List" is displayed. Select "All Messages" in the list. If nothing Playlist Assist-related is immediately visible, try typing "Playlist Assist" in the search field of Console's toolbar. You may see some "helpful" log entries indicating progress, but error messages will be of significant interest.

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Current Issues

Version 1.3.1 released August 19, 2017.

Note: Apple restored playlist windows to iTunes in version 12.6 (March 21, 2017)

iTunes 12.2 - "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications" Preferences setting

"Share iTunes Library XML with other applications" is a new iTunes preference setting in iTunes > Preferences... > Advanced [screenshot]. It allows access to the current iTunes library's XML file. Playlist Assist needs to access this file in order to get information about the tracks and playlists in your library. Be sure this setting is checkmarked ON.

Some users who have updated from version 1.2.1 or earlier are getting a crash of the app at launch.

This may be due to an issue with "stale" table-sorting data in the preferences file. To fix:

  1. Make sure you have your registration code handy since you will need to re-enter it after performing this fix. If you need your code, email support.
  2. Open Terminal.app. Enter or copy-and-paste this at the prompt:

    defaults delete com.dougscripts.Playlist-Assist

    ...and then press return. In a second or two the prompt will be back. Quit Terminal.
  3. Re-launch Playlist Assist and re-apply your registration code.

General Questions

When I drag tracks to Playlist Assist from iTunes they don't "take".

1) Remember that only audio and video tracks can be dragged, and only playlists and Playlist Folders, not library playlists (like "Music", "Movies", "TV Shows", and so on).

2) This may be an indication of an issue on your computer with locating the current iTunes library's database files. Playlist Assist gets track information from these files, but if they cannot be located then a drag-and-drop operation will fail. See these articles posted elsewhere on this site which describe the issues and fixes:

Why can't iTunes be updated immediately with the changes I make in Playlist Assist? Why do I have to "Save" or "Save Changes"?

Playlist Assist would require a lot of continuously running processor-stealing routines to mind what has changed and where. Therefore, any changes made must be manually saved in order to be relayed to iTunes.

This app doesn't have [some feature] of the old iTunes playlist window. Can you add [some feature] in a future version?

Maybe. Not every native iTunes task can be emulated in a third-party app.

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