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Email support AT dougscripts DOT com. Be sure to include the name and/or email address you used to purchase your code.

Report Your Issues

Bug reports, questions, comments can be emailed to support AT dougscripts DOT com. Include "Dupin" in your subject line. A response will be sent ASAP. Also be sure to check the Quick Start and Help page.

In the interest of expeditiousness, bug reports should contain precise details. If possible check Console.app for any Dupin-related error messages. In case you don't know, Console.app is located in Applications/Utilities/. Launch Console.app and type "Dupin" in the search field of Console's toolbar. You may see some "helpful" log entries indicating progress, but error messages will be of significant interest.

Current Issues

Version 3.1.1 for macOS 10.15 and later only released March 20, 2021.

iTunes Only - "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications" Preferences setting

This setting in iTunes > Preferences... > Advanced allows access to the current iTunes library's XML file [screenshot]. Dupin needs to access this file to get information about the tracks and playlists in your library. Be sure this setting is checkmarked ON. Otherwise, Dupin will alert you about being unable to access your iTunes library information.

Dupin asked if iCloud Music Library was enabled and I answered incorrectly.

To reset all of Dupin's alerts, launch Dupin and open its Preferences pane. Click the "Reset Warnings" button, close out of Preferences and re-launch Dupin.

Dupin (2.10 and later) needs to know how to treat tracks and files if iCloud Music Library is enabled. If you confirm that iCloud Music Library is enabled, Dupin will presume that your entire library is mirrored in the cloud. During a Purge, Dupin will copy tracks designated as non-Keepers to a playlist so you can confirm deletion from the cloud. If you confirm that iCloud Music Library is not enabled, a Purge operation will remove/Trash the non-Keeper tracks/files as expected with the exception that "Remote" type tracks—which are likely un-downloaded Purchases—will be copied to a discrete playlist for manual deletion.

Dupin reports that I have library track entries that point to the same file. Impossible, right? Dupin displays a message saying it won't Purge them. What can I do?

The Double Entries issue may be a bug with iTunes 11/12. I am unable to replicate this issue on my machines to work out a way for Dupin to properly deal with it. But you can try this trick:

Use the script Scan For Double Entries, which gathers these double entries together into a specially created playlist.

Then launch Dupin:

  1. Select the "_Found_Double_Entries" playlist (the one created by the Scan For Double Entries script) in Dupin's Playlist Popup. Now do a Get Dupes.
  2. Do a Filter using "Single Arbitrary"
  3. Use tools in Dupin's Select menu to copy the non-Keeper tracks to a new playlist in iTunes
  4. Select these tracks in the playlist and press Option-Delete to remove them from iTunes entirely. When asked DO NOT Trash their files, since this will leave each surviving duplicate track without a file.

Dupin displays the alert "Dupin is unable to get the current iTunes library's location..."
I have updated to iTunes 11/12. Dupin does not display my playlists or library in the Playlist Popup.

This may be an indication of an issue on your computer with locating the current iTunes library's database files. See these articles posted elsewhere on this site which describe the issues and fixes:

General Questions

After Dupin finds and then Filters my duplicate tracks, don't I still have to select each track I want to Purge?

No. Purging a batch selection of tracks in Dupin is an option. But it is not at all necessary to select tracks in Dupin before Purging them. Any Purge operation will only remove tracks designated as non-Keepers. (The term "Purge" is used instead of "Delete" to avoid confusion with how one selects and deletes tracks in iTunes.)

Why does Dupin show the original track with the duplicates? Isn't that sort of like iTunes' "Show Duplicates"?

Dupin doesn't know what you think the "original" track is and what you think the "duplicates" are and so it displays all occurrences of tracks which meet your Criteria settings. However, Dupin does know which tracks are duplicates of each other (according to your Critera settings) and sorts them into "Dupe Groups". Then you can decide which is the "Keeper" in each of the Dupe Groups either manually or by using Dupin's Filter Controls.

My media files are located on a wireless Time Capsule/NAS and Purge doesn't move files to the Trash.

The macOS doesn't support Trash on network volumes. In such cases set the "Delete Files Immediately — bypass Trash folder" checkbox in the File Purge Options dialog, which invokes the UNIX "rm" command to delete the files at once (and unrecoverably).

Dupin isn't purging.

See the note above about NAS files.

See the notes below about Purge time and trouble factors.

Why does Dupin show fewer/more results than "Show Duplicates" or "Show Exact Duplicates" commands?

Music and iTunes use different criteria for exact duplicates. Dupin's Criteria settings can be more (or less) specific so that comparing its results to "Show Duplicates" isn't very telling.

Filtering is slow.

Any number of factors can affect the speed of a Filter. Filtering should be brisk, but may take longer if you are filtering tens of thousands of tracks. Try "Limiting Dupe Groups" and do fewer at a time. If Filtering is still slow on a smaller number of Dupe Groups, then it is possible that Dupin is having trouble reading data from your iTunes database, which can be caused by anything from bad Unicode text to corrupted data. Insufficient memory is a possibility here also. See "Possible trouble factors" in the section below.

I have a lot of Dupes to Purge from a large library (NB: 50,000 tracks is the low end of large). How long will it take Dupin to finish the Purge operation?

Purge times can range from several minutes to as much as an hour or more, but times longer than a few minutes are suspiciously unusual. The time it takes to Purge a number of tracks and files can also vary depending on several factors.

First, it is important to realise that Music/iTunes is obliged to perform quite a bit of housekeeping when you delete a track: the database has to be updated, one or more playlists may need to be updated (this information is in the database also), Smart Playlists with live updating will need to be updated, artwork files may have to be deleted or re-arranged, the Media folder may have some re-organizing to do, and so on.

In addition, iTunes periodically exports an XML copy of the database and the larger the library the longer it takes to export.

These tasks take time for iTunes to perform—not to mention the tasks any iTunes-related third-party background apps or plug-ins may need to do. You may not notice the time it takes when you delete an album's worth of tracks. But if you are removing hundreds or thousands of tracks at a time (and Trashing their files) iTunes will be doing a lot in the background. This can not only add time to the Purge process, but it can also slow down iTunes' performance and, as a result, slow down the efficiency of a Purge. There isn't much Dupin can do under such circumstances except to wait for iTunes to do its housekeeping.

Some things you can try to keep iTunes from getting distracted: disable "Live Updating" for any Smart Playlists that use it, turn off "Genius", prevent any devices from syncing, turn-off third-party apps and plug-ins. Don't play any tracks during a Purge since iTunes will be obliged to update play counts and such which affects the database.

I also encourage users to break up the tracks in Dupin's Main window into smaller bits using the Selection Window (select a large batch of tracks and use "New Window" in the toolbar). The entire process will actually take less time if done in chunks rather than all at once since iTunes will have less work to do when a smaller batch of tracks (and files) are removed.

Another option is to use Dupin's "Limit Dupe Groups to..." setting. This will return a limited number of Dupe Groups at a time. A smaller number of Dupe Groups can be Purged quite quickly. You can also set Dupin's Preferences to delete files immediately (using "rm" to delete a file) rather than moving them to the Trash. Although deleting immediately is not as safe as moving files to the Trash—since you can't recover the files—it can be somewhat faster.

My recipe for determining how to proceed: if "Get Duplicates" takes more than two or three minutes to complete, consider using a "smaller batch" strategy.

Other possible trouble factors causing slow-downs:

Other software. Any software that may regularly access iTunes' database files. Scrobblers, music servers, auto-taggers, "Helpers" and so on may be involved with conflicts and, in some cases, iTunes database corruption. Input managers or applications which us the SIMBL bundle loader are known to be a possible problem factor. (SIMBL, for example, has not been updated since before OS X 10.7.)

Your music files are located on a Time Capsule or on a hard drive attached to a Time Capsule. Moving files to the Trash may not be supported. In such cases use Dupin's preference to "Delete Files At Once".

Another user is logged in on your machine and their iTunes is running. Just log out the user.

Your music files are on a NAS. Not always a problem, but some NAS configurations can prohibit file deletion.

Dupin cannot locate your media files because your system is experiencing multiple library confusion. If you selected the current iTunes library using the Option-launch method this is a distinct possibility.

The tags and data of the duplicate tracks I have are exactly the same. How can I Filter for a Keeper?

iTunes will add a number to the end of a filename in such cases (eg: "In The Air Tonight.mp3" and "In The Air Tonight 1.mp3"). Thus, all other thiings being equal, the only difference among exact duplicates will be the length of the filename. The Filter Controls provides a "Shortest Filename" filter which will find the one track that has not had a number added to its filename.

Another option is to use the "Single Arbitrary" filter. All other things being equal it will just select one of the tracks arbitrarily.

But wait! I have tons of those duplicate media files where iTunes has added a number to the filename. But they're not in my iTunes library anymore. How can Dupin find them?

It can't. The only files Dupin knows anything about are for the current tracks in the iTunes library. But the applet Music Folder Files Not Added can find them for you.

I'm afraid to Purge so many music files from my external drive—I don't think there's enough room on my local drive's Trash.

Don't worry, trash all you want. When you send a file located on an external drive into the Trash, the file does not move from the external drive to your local drive. The external drive actually has its own invisible Trash folder. The Trash in the Dock/on the desktop displays items from all the Trashes on your system.

Why can't I Purge duplicate tracks found using the "Get Dupes in Other Library" command?

The "Get Dupes in Other Library" command let's you examine duplicate tracks in non-loaded libraries, such as those created with iTunes' multiple library feature. Technically, Dupin is reading their XML files. You might think that it would just be a matter of deleting the entries in the XML file. However, iTunes does not read the XML file. It just periodically writes to it (for the convenience of other apps). In order to Purge those tracks they would have to be added to the current iTunes library and I presume you don't really want to do that.

It seems counter-intuitive to use checkmarks to indicate tracks you don't want Purged.

While a user's ultimate goal using Dupin may be to delete unwanted tracks and files, Dupin does perform other duplicate management tasks. During initial development it made more intuitive sense under most circumstances to indicate Keepers with a checkmark. For example, if you are filtering Dupe Groups to determine only Oldest Added AAC tracks in order to copy them to a new iTunes playlist, it is sensible that the Keeper is checkmarked. On the other hand, it does seem counter-intuitive to Purge un-checkmarked tracks. However, Dupin v1.2 added a Preference setting to toggle the Keeper designation as either checkmarked or un-checkmarked, whichever configuration makes more sense to you during a particular task.

Why are you no longer developing Dupin for Snow Leopard or Lion?

1.) Dupin v2.7.4 works fine for these operating systems and is readily available. 2.) Improvements that I was able to make for the current incarnation of Dupin simply cannot be replicated under earlier systems. 3.) Developing a single app to cover many operating systems and making it work great for everybody is not fair to the majority of users who want modern features without compromise (nevermind the support issues). Thanks for understanding.


Dupin doesn't seem to see some new files I just added to iTunes and/or Dupin is still finding tracks I know I deleted. It's as if Dupin can only see a version of my iTunes from the past...weird!

Not so weird, really. This could indicate either a corrupted database library or XML file. Run "Library Profile" from Dupin's Help menu and see if the modification date squares with the last time you added a file or even played a track. In any case, see this post, iTunes Music Library.xml not updating when adding new songs at Apple Discussions.

Dupin successfully does a "Get Duplicates" and Filter. But when I Purge it locks up and I have to force-quit.

See the tips about Purge time above.

1.) It is possible for Dupin to appear frozen during especially lengthy tasks—you may get anxious if you see the "spinning beach ball". This may just mean that Dupin is preoccupied with what it is supposed to be doing (perhaps waiting for a response from iTunes, for example) and access to its interface via mouse-click or key press is inhibited. This a normal Mac-thing. When Dupin finishes its current task it will become responsive again. Even so, it may really be frozen. Before performing a Force-Quit, launch your Activity Monitor app (in /Applications/Utilities/). If Dupin's CPU and Memory values are fluctuating, then Dupin is active. If it is really frozen, these values will lessen and lessen.

2.) It is possible that the track and file information obtained by Dupin, particularly the file location information, is erroneous, or at the very least, not up-to-date. Thus, Dupin is unable to locate and delete a file correctly. If this happens with many files then Dupin can become unresponsive and crash. This may be caused by confusion over the location of the iTunes database file. If you have ever used iTunes' multiple library feature, make sure that the current library's location is the same as listed in your [username]/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iApps.plist file. I have found that frequently unmounting and mounting an external drive containing a multiple library folder—such as a notebook user may do—could create this confusion, and cause this plist file to not get updated correctly.

For further information on this phenomenon, see Multiple Library Confusion.

Future Development

I would like to see more options for "fuzzy" matching to account for slight variations in similar spellings, times, and sizes.

Approximate time matching is available for the Time Criteria as of v2.1. Additional approximate matching may be included in a future release.

Will Dupin find duplicates on my iPod?

It is unlikely that Dupin will support iPods (or iPhones) anytime in the near future.

Can I access shared playlists with Dupin?

Currently, no. Under consideration for a future release.

Is there a WIndows version of Dupin?

Not yet ;)

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Version History

v2.14.1 (sep 21 '18 - current):
- Updated for compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave
- Fixes issue when copying tracks to a new iTunes playlist using the same name as an existing playlist

v2.14.0 (aug 16 '18 ):
- Improvements to playlist displays
- Adds preference option to backup iTunes database files (XML and ITL) at launch
- Fixed unusual issue that prevented Library Profile from working under some circumstances
- Fixed issue with text color after Filtering
- Other performance improvements

v2.13.1 (jun 23 '18):
- Minor performance adjustments to features and fixes in previous version

v2.13.0 (jun 17 '18):
- Improvements to Info window and audition features
- Improved sorting by Dupe Group
- Many additional performance enhancements and maintenance fixes

v2.12.3 (mar 4 '18):
- Fixes an ambiguous Filter Controls settings issue
- Fixes secondary window resizing issue
- Updates message text in some alerts regarding iCloud Music Library/iTunes Match
- Removes some older code that accommodated pre-Intel machines
-Other minor maintenance fixes

v2.12.2 (sept 27 '17):
- Fixed macOS 10.13 bug with unresponsive wrong-sized buttons in Purge dialog

v2.12.1 (sept 3 '17):
- Fixed bug with "Selection to iTunes Playlist..."

v2.12.0 (aug 25 '17):
- Accomodations for macOS 10.13 High Sierra
- Improved support for iCloud Music Library tracks
- Adds view fIlters to display only Groups that contain dead or cloud or local tracks
- Adds Reset button to Filter Controls Window
- Improvements to Library Profile utility
- Minor performance fixes and UI improvements

v2.11.2 (jun 6 '17 ):
- Minor maintenance to ensure continued pre-macOS 10.12 compatibility

v2.11.1 (dec 17 '16):
- Minor maintenance
- Fixes search field sizing problem
- Fixes issue with track entry contextual menu
- Fixes UI issue with dead track removal tool

v2.11.0 (sept 18 '16 ):
- Support for Work and Movement tags
- Fixes some minor number formatting issues
- Fixes rare issue with Get Info when no Artwork available for matched tracks
- General maintenance updates and compatibility adjustments for macOS 10.12

v2.10.2 (march 23 '16):
- Fixes crash with Quick Look auditioning under OS X 10.11

v2.10.1 (february 15 '16):
- Security improvements
- Minor maintenance

v2.10.0 (november 20 '15):
- Asks user to confirm if iCloud Music Library enabled when Remote library tracks detected
- Now displays Comments in Get Info and optional column
- Updates method of accessing iTunes Library XML file with iTunes 12.2 and later
- Maintenance fixes concentrating on low level refinements

v2.9.0 (october 2 '15):
- Maintenance release with speed and performance enhancements
- Playlist Popup correctly distinguishes Genius and Smart playlists (iTunes 12 and later)
- When sorting by "Dupe Group" (Command-D) will use Critera tags for sorting hint
- Additional support for OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
- Minor UI changes

v2.8.10 (july 9 '15):
- Fixes issue with getting playlist information for Re-Playlist Tool (iTunes 12.2 and later)
- Additional support for changes in iTunes 12.2

v2.8.9 (july 5 '15 ):
- Additional support for changes in iTunes 12.2

v2.8.8 (july 2 '15):
- Fixes issue with options window for Remove Dead Tracks Tool

v2.8.7 (july 1 '15):
- Accommodates changes in iTunes 12.2
- Additional support for OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) Beta

v2.8.6 (june 18 '15):
- Maintenance update
- Fixes issue with slow progress indicator animation
- Minor performance enhancements
- Preliminary support for OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) Beta

v2.8.5 (march 20 '15):
- Fixes Re-Playlist issue repopulating Playlist Folders
- Fixes Re-Playlist issue with dead tracks
- Fixes a bug when encountering empty playlists during Remove Duplicate Entries From Playlist
- Minor performance enhancements
- Updates to Help

v2.8.4 (december 22 '14 ):
- Fixes bug in v2.8.2/2.8.3 whereby removing tracks from a selected playlist (using the "Just Playlist" option) would errantly move files to Trash

v2.8.3 (december 20 '14):
- Maintenance update, performance improvements

v2.8.2 (october 11 '14 ):
- Additional support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite
- Fixes case sensitivity issue with files on NAS
- Fixes issue when moving iTunes Media folder
- Fixes Selection Window flickering issue
- Fixes errant Remote tracks detection after iTunes Match is turned off
- Minor GUI tweaks

v2.8.1 (september 5 '14):
- Fixes issue with "Show" menu commands
- Fixes issue with "Select" menu items

v2.8.0 (august 27 '14):
- Improves memory management
- Preliminary support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite beta and iTunes 12
- Drops support for pre-OS X 10.8 (v2.7.4 is the last version to run on OS X 10.6 and 10.7)
- Many minor fixes for better performance and reliability

v2.7.4 (october 14 '13):
- Fixes issue with "Show in Finder"
- Restores shortcuts for Library and Music library playlists in Playlist Popup
- Improvements to Library Profile help tool
- Addresses very rare issue accessing home folder that has been installed elsewhere
- OS X 10.9 Mavericks accommodations

v2.7.3 (september 20 '13):
- Adds "Remove Duplicate Entries From Playlists" tool
- Adjustments to Re-Playlist tool
- Minor maintenance and stability fixes

v2.7.2 (september 2 '13):
- Fixes localization bug causing crash at launch on some European systems
- Fixes issue whereby moving files to a folder during Purge failed

v2.7.1 (august 31 '13):
- Fixes issue validating registration

v2.7 (august 29 '13):
- General speed and efficiency enhancements
- Adds Notifications support
- Adds "Show" and "Season" columns
- Improves compatibility with iTunes Match
- Can remove/ignore dead tracks
- Addresses rare circumstance whereby two or more tracks point to the same file
- Fixes issue sorting by Album
- Fixes issue displaying QuickLook panel
- Compatibility with OS X 10.9 Developer Preview

v2.6.2 (june 6 '13):
- Fixes potential memory leak resulting in hang during Consolidate History
- Fixes issue parsing Skips and Skipped Date

v2.6.1 (june 4 '13):
- Fixes issue with QuickLook crash
- Fixes sorting issue

v2.6 (may 24 '13):
- Added "Filename" to Criteria (recognizes local files only)
- Added ability to play/view selected tracks in QuickLook panel via spacebar (OS X 10.7+)
- Updated "Get Info" window, incorporating play/pause album artwork thumbnail (OS X 10.7+)
- Improved sorting algorithms
- Addressed issues with restoring windows
- Moved "List Font Size" options from Preferences to View menu
- Minor UI changes
- General maintenance fixes and improvements

v2.5.4 (dec 14 '12):
- Fixes issue on some systems whereby Purge dialogs do not appear correctly

v2.5.3 (dec 14 '12)
- Maintenance update
- Clarifies cloud track detection information
- Better detection of misconfigured iApps.plist file
- Other minor fixes and improvements

v2.5.2 (aug 8 '12):
- Improves compatibility with OS X 10.8
- Fixes over-retain issue that could cause a crash at launch under 10.8 with very large number of playlists

v2.5.1 (aug 6 '12):
- Improves compatibility with OS X 10.8
- Fixes UI glitch in Re-Playlist window
- Fixes errant track analysis in Re-Playlist under Snow Leopard
- Fixes issue which could cause crash during Consolidate History under 10.8
- Fixes issue whereby ratings may not be displayed correctly after Consolidate History

v2.5 (july 12 '12):
- Compatible with OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
- Adds Purge Dry Run feature
- Adds ability to move files to user-chosen location instead of Trash
- Improves Library Profile feature
- Consolidates file Purge options
- Fixes waiting-for-update issue
- Other minor fixes and enhancements

v2.4.2 (dec 28 '11):
- Fixes obscure issue with unresponsive behavior after using Re-Playlist when iTunes Match enabled

v2.4.1 (dec 3 '11):
- Fixes issue where only a single iTunes Match track appears in final Purge playlist

v2.4 (november 28 '11):
- Can detect if iTunes Match is enabled
- Addresses issue of having to individually acknowledge deletion of each track during Purge when iTunes Match is enabled
- Can identify iTunes Match "cloud tracks"
- Adds column header contextual menu to show/hide columns
- Fixes text coloring issue when window not frontmost
- Updates names of columns for parity with modern iTunes
- Other minor enhancements

v2.3.3 (july 2 '11):
- Fixes unusual bug when Purge is run on a selected playlist and app freezes
- Fixes non-fatal error when checkbox column header is clicked

v2.3.2 (june 29 '11):
- Fixes error when "Automatically Filter..." is set in Preferences

v2.3.1 (june 27 '11):
- Fixes bug in Consolidate History when working with selection
- Fixes bug showing/hiding some Help buttons
- Fixes Filter Controls memory leak
- Fixes bug that prevented Open panel from closing immediately
- Other non-critical minor bug fixes

v2.3 (june 24 '11):
- Compatible with OS X Lion
- Fixed issue with delays caused by slow screen redrawing. Most operations will be noticably more responsive.
- Most operations can now be performed on discrete Search results (eg, Filter just the Search results).
- No longer necessary to confirm changes when closing Selection Window as these changes now happen "live".
- Minor enhancements to improve overall performance.

v2.2.5 (april 8 '11):
- Improves parsing when "fuzzy" Time criteria is in effect
- Fixes rare glitch when sorting playlists

v2.2.4 (march 4 '11):
- Fixed rare bug when selecting playlist folders
- Fixed issue with "non-sticky" contextual menu

v2.2.3 (march 1 '11):
- Additiional flexibility in column width resizing
- Minor stability fixes

v2.2.2 (november 15 '10):
- Fixes Show in iTunes bug
- Fixes Application Support folder bug which inhibited Re-Playlist behavior
- Adds Sparkle framework for updates notification

v2.2.1 (october 19 '10):
- Fixes error with update check
- Fixes Library Profile glitch

v2.2 (october 15 '10):
- Added preference to set small/large text-size
- Text color of track rows designated as non-Keepers will be displayed lighter than text of Keeper track rows
- Some of the GUI now rendered with WebKit
- Updated playlist and library icons to iTunes 10 monochrome-look
- Fixed a bug that might prevent Filter Controls window from staying frontmost (when preferred)
- Fixed an issue that might cause the Time column to mis-sort very short tracks
- Fixed an issue that prevented newly added toolbar icons from becoming enabled right away

v2.1.1 (march 26 '10):
- fixed problem adjusting columns
- fixed issue whereby Re-Playlist would not complete
- fixed benign GUI glitches

v2.1 (jan 26 '10):
- runs under Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or better only
- adds aproximate time matching for Time Criteria (settable to :01 ≤ n ≤ :10 seconds)
- adds File Path column to main table
- made task additions to contextual menus
- some warning dialogs now have suppression/reset options
- "Search" configurable with categories, re-located to toolbar
- other minor GUI improvements and alterations
- speed enhancements
- addresses toolbar customization issue
- addresses threading issue
- addresses memory leak issue

v2.0.6 (oct 4 '09):
- runs under Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) or better only
- addresses reported issues affecting performance in Snow Leopard
- fixes startup issue verifying Folder Location setting in Filter Controls
- fixes Get Info error after Purge
- fixes error with search
- some GUI updates
- "Mark as Keeper/non-Keeper" included in Select menu
- displays Time rounding to whole second
- added "Toggle all" button in Re-Playlist window

v2.0.5 (aug 17 '09):
- Last version developed for Mac OS 10.4.11/10.5.8 - Fixes selection bug in Re-Playlist routine
- Encourages iTunes to update faster after Purge and Re-Playlist
- Fixed minor Tiger GUI conflict with Column Sort popup
- Fixed delay when updating from Selection Window
- Addressed purge log location bug
- Addressed internet connection bug at startup

v2.0.4 (aug 6 '09):
- Fixes "Selection to iTunes Playlist..." fail
- Fixes error issue when upgrading

v2.0.3 (jul 21 '09):
- Fixes rare filename issue with files imported from non-Mac OS
- Fixes rare disappearing column bug
- Fixes benign XML pretty-print issue with Re-Playlist

v2.0.2 (mar 18 '09):
- Fixed retro-syntax issues for Tiger systems

v2.0.1 (mar 16 '09):
- Fixed errant button positioning in "Re-Playlist" window

v2.0 (mar 14 '09):
- New "Consolidate History" tool can consolidate the play, skip, and ratings information from all tracks in a Dupe Group to the single "Keeper" track
- New "Re-Playlist" tool can re-populate iTunes playlists replacing "non-Keeper" tracks with "Keeper" tracks
- Added "Track Number" and "Disc Number" to "Get Duplicates" Criteria
- "Library Matrix" replaced with Playlist Popup
- Many GUI enhancements
- Main window now smaller minimum size
- Safely interupt and/or cancel most routines
- "Filter Controls" setting "Volume Location" replaced with "Folder Location", "Protected" kind with "Purchased" kind
- Main Menu re-organized
- Many speed and efficiency enhancements
- Fixed error when trying to parse track while being downloaded, sync'd, or is otherwise "location-less"
- "Get Info" displays Sample Rate appropriately when information is not available (usually for videos)
- Addresses issue with malformed file paths
- New "Library Profile" tool can list information about current iTunes library for diagnostic purposes
- Video tutorials via website

v1.4.2 (oct 15 '08):
- Fixes rare crash at startup issue
- Fixes minor issue when selected "Volume Location" is not mounted

v1.4.1 (oct 3 '08):
- Fixes looping error during "Delete"
- Fixes issue when toggling checkbox of a selected item

v1.4 (sept 24 '08):
- Recognizes Genius Playlists
- Adds "Refresh Playlist Popup" toolbar button and menu option to View menu
- Adds Preference to limit number of Dupe Groups fetched during "Get Duplicates"
- Adds Preference to toggle between deleting files immediately or moving them to Trash during Purge
- Trash alert sound muted
- Fixes a minor date formatting issue
- GUI updated
- Speed and performance enhancements

v1.3.4 (aug 1 '08):
- Compatibility with iTunes 7.7.1
- Minor performance enhancements

v1.3.3 (apr 3 '08):
- Fixed error with file sizes filtering
- Minor performance enhancements

v1.3.2 (feb 22 '08):
- Fixed problem with file sizes larger than 1GB
- Fixed error involving "filterFileKindLabels"

v1.3.1 (feb 22 '08):
- Fixed issue with automatic filtering preference which errored when getting dupes

v1.3 (feb 21 '08):
- Adds Newest/Oldest Date Modified options to Filter Controls
- Adds Largest/Smallest File Size options to Filter Controls
- Displays Bit Rate Rounding status in Filter Controls window
- Bit Rate Rounding is applicable to bit rate options in Filter Controls
- Provides workaround for iTunes 7.6 AppleScript "delete bug" (whereby files chosen to be preserved during Purge are errantly moved to Trash—fixed in iTunes 7.6.1)
- Fixed a problem with bit rate filtering
- Updated Help pages
- Minor performance enhancements

v1.2 (dec 3 '07):
- Added Preference to toggle Keeper designation as checkmarked (default) or un-checkmarked
- Added Preference to use bit rate rounding to account for ABR-encoded AAC files
- Added "Customize Toolbar..." menu command in View Menu; moved "Show/Hide Toolbar" to View Menu
- Added notification when updating Playlists popup
- Added bytes-size to Size display in Get Info window
- Corrected error thrown by .MID files
- Revised code syntax interpreted ambiguously under OS 10.4 (Tiger)
- Revised label text in Filter Controls window
- Fixed problem during Purge if source Playlist had been re-selected
- Fixed rare problem causing hang-up while switching Spaces or applications during Purge
- Updated Help pages
- Minor performance enhancements

v1.1.4 (nov 26 '07):
- Changed keyboard equivalent for "Delete" function to Command-Delete, added "Delete Selected from Dupin" menu command
- Added "Sort by Dupe Groups" toolbar button
- Redressed issues with AAC files encoded using ABR
- Fixed problem with moving files from striped RAID to Trash
- Fixed rare problem with listing playlists
- Fixed rare problem causing inaccuracies when filtering by "Volume"
- Fixed rare problem causing inaccuracies when filtering by "Shortest Filename"
- Minor performance enhancements

v1.1.3 (nov 8 '07):
- Fixed sorting problem caused by date errors with some localizations (German, Dutch, et al)

v1.1.2 (nov 1 '07):
- Fixed string coercion error some Leopard users were seeing at startup
- Fixed problem with Get Dupes sorting when a track's Sample Rate is "Unknown"

v1.1.1 (oct 30 '07):
- Fixed "compilation error" some users were seeing at startup

v1.1 (oct 29 '07):
- Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
- Remembers last selected playlist in playlist popup and in "Selected to Playlist..." panel
- Added option during Purge to remove tracks just from the selected source playlist
- Playlist popup refreshes when its Library Matrix button is clicked
- Command-P replaces Spacebar as shortcut for Play/Pause
- Added "Selection to New Window" option in multi-selection contextual menu
- Catches error if file to be played cannot be found
- Fixed issue with inaccurate examination of "Movies" master playlist
- Fixed issues with playlist popup display
- Several other minor performance fixes

v1.0.3 (oct 10 '07):
- Filter processing speed greatly increased
- Return keypress while "Looking for..." search field is focused initiates "Get Duplicates"
- Added recent items and "Clear" sub-menu to "Looking for..." search field
- Filter Controls window closes when filtering begins, unless set otherwise in Preferences - Fixed problem with file path displaying instead of file name
- Addresses error on launch when attempting to identify User volumes mounted at /
- Works-around rare problem with errant carriage returns and/or line feeds embedded in iTunes' library XML file
- Minor performance fixes

v1.0.2 (oct 4 '07):
- Fixed delay and stall issues occurring during Purge that some users were experiencing
- Fixed issue with Purge not proceeding when tracks selected; now allows Purge of selection
- Will display alert if iTunes is somehow inaccessible during Purge
- Minor performance fixes

v1.0.1 (oct 1 '07):
- Fixed issue with displaying dates according to International preferences
- Fixed issue with displaying playlist names
- Minor performance fixes

v1.0 (sept 27 '07):
- initial release

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