Due to compatibility issues with the latest versions of iTunes and the OS I have removed mySpins from the Mac App Store. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope to develop a modern version soon.

mySpins (formerly named Spins) analyzes your iTunes library and displays your most played tracks arranged and ranked by a variety of "breakout" configurations, not just the number of track spins...show rankers and breakouts based on plays by Song, Artist, Album; rankings can be filtered by Rating, Genre, and Year; see rankings for the entire library or a single playlist. mySpins can give you a snaphot of plays and simple play percentages...give you instant play data on the currently playing or selected track...

  • Left to right: mySpins' "Breakouts" window, main window displaying one of four panels, and "Live Spins" floating display.

  • The main window can be expanded to display up to four separately configured panels.

  • Each of the four panels has its own individual settings.

  • The Live Spins window reports on the current track.

With mySpins you can:

  • Quickly generate most-played track rankings from your iTunes library
  • Easily configure up to four panels each displaying various track plays and ranking information
  • Rank most played tracks, Artists, or Albums
  • Rank track plays in the total library or in selected playlists
  • Count unique track plays or pooled-from-the-artist's-albums track plays
  • Sort and filter track plays by Artist, Genre, Rating, and Year
  • Display plays data for the current playing track or a selected iTunes track
  • Display breakouts by Artists, Composers, Genres, Ratings, and Years

System Requirements

  • Intel Macintosh computer running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or better
  • iTunes 7 or better

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