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AppleScript is Macintosh-only. Here are several developers of iTunes-sorta-script solutions for Windows. This list is by no means complete, but it's all I know about. My guess is that many of these are outdated.

iTunes COM for Windows Software Development Kit (SDK)
This SDK from Apple provides header files, documentation, and sample JScript files demonstrating how to use the iTunes for Windows COM interface. COM is the Microsoft technology, similar to AppleScript on Mac OS, that allows programmatic control of iTunes from languages like JScript, Visual Basic, C#, and C++. This SDK requires iTunes for Windows version 4.7 or later. [Sept 16, 2008]
I believe this download requires membership in the Apple Developer program. Go to the link above and page the alphabetical listing until you come to "iTunes COM for Windows SDK".
Dan Crevier's Blog - Automating/scripting iTunes on Windows
Examples on how to use the iTunes COM SDK (last updated 2004)
SAMSoft iTunes For Windows Scripts
Visual Basic scripts
Maximized Software
Scripts for iTunes is a free collection of scripts that can be used to control iTunes for Windows (last updated 2004)
iTunes JavaScripts & VBScripts
Several scripts for various tasks (last updated 2005)
Nate's Scripts for iTunes for Windows
JScripts for iTunes in Windows (last updated 2004)
Teridon's iTunes Scripts for Windows
Robert Jacobson's collection of Windows scripts perform a wide variety of functions (last updated in 2009)
iLounge Forum Post
Fairly comprehensive list of iTunes for Windows Plug-Ins (last updated 2004)

As far as trying to port AppleScripts to Windows, you are somewhat limited by what the iTunes COM can do and iTunes' fairly basic JavaScript implementation; neither has the robustness of AppleScript (or so I have been apprised). Also, AppleScripts from this site are not quite text files and can only be viewed in AppleScript Editor (or other AppleScripting software) on a Mac computer.

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