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Be sure to read the Download FAQ for pre-macOS 10.15
Download FAQ for macOS 10.15+.

Scripts are gathered into these loosely defined yet easily navigable Categories:

Managing Tracks

Scripts that perform sorting, ordering, counting and similar tasks with tracks.

Managing Track Info

Scripts that assist in changing, updating, editing track info (ID3 tag data), or perform other tasks based on track info.

Managing Artwork

Scripts that import, export, copy, and do other things with regard to album artwork.

Managing Playlists

A wide variety of scripts that automate the creation and/or management of Playlists and perform other inter-Playlist activities.

Controlling Operation

Scripts that control the "mechanics", from playing tracks to converting files.

Export Info

Various methods for sending info about tracks and playlists elsewhere.

Managing Files

Scripts that organize or otherwise manipulate the actual files of tracks in the Finder.


Control and manage tracks and playlists over your network.


Interact with various online services, search engines and databases.


These perform various tasks with iTunes and iPod, and sometimes iPhone and iPod touch.


A-categorical scripts.

With Other Apps

Scripts that can be used in conjunction with other applications, such as browsers, sundry audio software, databases, and so on.

Retro Scripts

Old and In The Way scripts, either out of date or obsolete. Of interest to scripters or developers, an archive-of-record.

Other Handy Site Links

Missing Menu Commands
This page lists scripts which perform simple navigation and selection routines. Use them with assignable shortcuts.
Script Stats
Lists scripts by Name, Recently Added, Recent Downloads, or Download Count (most downloaded)
FAQ and Solutions
Offers some answers to frequently asked iTunes/AppleScripting questions.

In each category, scripts are arranged latest-posted to oldest, top to bottom. When you find a script you want, click on the download button and downloading will begin.

Scripts for iTunes are saved in folders and then .zipped with the Finder's "Create Archive" command. You should only have to double-click them to un-archive them. SoundJam scripts are compressed StuffIt files that have been bin-hexed; that's just the way I did them originally.

Read here how to create a Scripts Menu in the iTunes menu bar.

All scripts work as advertised, but...

I make absolutely no guarantees to any script's effectiveness whatsoever. Every reasonable precaution has been taken by script writers to eliminate potential errors and problems; even so, I am obliged to advise you that you are using this software at possible risk to your data.

Always make a back-up, wear a seat belt, goggles? Your call.

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