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Recommendations by Task

Here, in no particular order, are a few script recommendations that perform some commonly asked-for tasks.

Not all scripts have been updated to work post-iTunes—it's a process. Scripts that do work in macOS 10.15 will also display a link for their iTunes-predecessor.

Be sure to also see the 30 Most Recently Updated page for newer scripts that may not have made this list.

Download the Doug's Check For All Updates applet to check if any of your current AppleScripts from this site have newer versions.


Track Tag Manipulation

(Also see track tag text editing scripts below)

Track Tag Text Editing

Ratings, Play Counts, Dates


  • Show In Playlists v1.11
    [ For iTunes ] Continuously display playlists containing selected/playing track(s)
  • Merge-Delete Playlists v5.3
    [ For iTunes ] Batch merge and/or delete playlists
  • Playlists Info v2.0
    [ For iTunes ] Display and export playlists' name, size, time, track count, love/dislike for selected source
  • Playlist Manager v2.11
    [ For iTunes ] Perform tasks on a batch of playlists; rename, delete, duplicate, merge, more
  • Dumb Down Genius Mix Playlist v1.2
    [ For iTunes ] Export tracks from Genius Mix playlists to regular playlists



Transport Control

General Library Tidying

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