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New Play Count v4.0

For Music Set the Plays of selected tracks

Convert and Export

downloaded 38m 32s ago

Convert and Export v4.2

For iTunes Convert selected tracks and export the converted files to a new folder

Media Folder Files Not Added

downloaded 44m 7s ago

Media Folder Files Not Added v1.6

For Music/TV Displays files in the Media folder not in Music track library

Scan For Double Entries

downloaded 47m 25s ago

Scan For Double Entries v3.2

For Music Locates pairs of track entries pointing to the same file

Playlist Manager

downloaded 1h 2m 56s ago

Playlist Manager v3.4

For Music Perform tasks on a batch of playlists; rename, delete, duplicate, merge, more

Quick Convert

downloaded 1h 17m 43s ago

Quick Convert v4.7

For iTunes Convert or import tracks with any encoder on the fly


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AppleScript is a simple Macintosh-only programming language that can control and automate actions on your Mac. AppleScript is already available on your computer as part of the macOS and many popular applications can be automated using AppleScript scripts. Scripts written for Apple's Music, TV and iTunes apps can manage files and track information, create playlists, interact with other applications, perform innovative tasks, and handle many kinds of chores with accuracy and precision which otherwise would be repetitive, laborious, and/or time-consuming.

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March 1 2021 - 5:41 pm

NEW: Total Plays v3.0

For macOS 10.15 and later only. This script tallies and displays the Plays of each track in a selection of tracks or all tracks in the selected playlist.

Latest version:

  • Initial release for the Music app

More information for Total Plays v3.0 and download link is here.

March 1 2021 - 4:12 pm

NEW: One Song From Each Artist In Playlist v2.0

Every so often I'll have a look at old old old scripts and try to evaluate if it'd be worth updating any for modern use. For years I've looked at this one and never thought it worthy. Then recently, over the span of a couple of months, I get a handful of requests asking for it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This script (for macOS 10.15 and later only) will create a new playlist containing one track from each Artist in the selected playlist. Handy for creating an abridged sampler or radio-like playlist and so on.

Latest version:

  • Initial release for the Music app

More information for One Song From Each Artist In Playlist v2.0 and download link is here.

February 26 2021 - 11:41 am

UPDATED: Remove Leading-Trailing Spaces v2.4

For macOS 10.15 and later only. This script will remove any number of extra space characters at the beginning and ending of chosen tags (Title, Artist/Director, Album Artist, Album, Composer, Genre, Grouping, Movement, Work and Show) in the selected tracks.

Latest version:

  • Additional accommodations for macOS 11 Big Sur

More information for Remove Leading-Trailing Spaces v2.4 and download link is here.

February 24 2021 - 6:32 pm

UPDATED: Assimilate View Options v5.3

For macOS 10.15 and later only. This script re-creates each selected playlist so its Songs View column settings (visible columns) are the same as the main "Songs" library.

Works with user-created regular playlists only. Please read the accompanying Read Me .rtfd doc.

Latest version:

  • Corrects an issue with Notifications

More information for Assimilate View Options v5.3 and download link is here.

February 23 2021 - 4:33 pm

View as Songs with Column Browser

One of the things that disappoints me about the Music app (and iTunes before) is that there is no way to set a default playlist View. Whenever a new playlist is created it will default to View as Playlist. I suppose this is fine and I don't dislike View as Playlist; it has its useful moments when a minimal look is desirable. But I prefer View as Songs because I do most of my tag editing and track sorting in that View under which much more information can be made visible.

* * *

For several years I've been pointing out the Keyboard Shortcut trick of assigning Shift-Command-S to View > as Songs and Shift-Command-P to View > as Playlist in order to quickly toggle the playlist View on the fly.

* * *

So I find myself typing Shift-Command-S followed by Command-B to turn on the Column Browser. A lot. Wonder if there's anything I can do about that...


February 23 2021 - 2:22 pm

UPDATED: Album Rating Reset v4.4

For macOS 10.15 and later only. This script will allow you to batch set or clear the Album Rating and/or Album Love/Dislike for the albums of the selected tracks or the albums associated with the tracks in a selected playlist (note that only a single track from any album need be selected in order to change the album rating or loved of the entire album). Handy for clearing batches of albums of their user-set album ratings, or re-rating batches of albums.

Latest version:

  • Additional minor accommodations for macOS 11 Big Sur

More information for Album Rating Reset v4.4 and download link is here.

February 22 2021 - 4:16 pm

UPDATED: New Last Played Date v5.3

For macOS 10.15 and later. Set Last Played/Last Skipped date of selected tracks to a new date, with option to increase or decrease Plays/Skips, or set to no date and no Plays/Skips.

Also see Add or Subtract Play Count.

Works best when Sync/Cloud Library is disengaged due to a potential bug.

Latest version:

  • Fixes bug with date stepper not decreasing under some circumstances
  • Additional accommodations for macOS 11 Big Sur

More information for New Last Played Date v5.3 and download link is here.

February 21 2021 - 4:15 pm

UPDATED: Track Down Purchases v4.4

For macOS 10.15 and later only. This applet can examine the Music library and sort audio tracks purchased from iTunes into discrete playlists by either the purchaser's name or Apple ID (eg: "Purchased by Jane Smith" or "Purchased by") which in turn will be placed in a "Purchaser Playlists" playlist folder.

Free to try in Demo Mode: While in Demo Mode, the number of tracks associated with each Purchaser will be reported but sorting tracks into playlists is disabled. An in-app purchase of a registration code will enable playlist creation.

To purchase a registration code, download and launch the app. Click "Register..." in its File menu and follow the prompts to purchase a code for $1.99. When your payment is processed, you will receive a registration code that will unlock the Demo Mode restriction.

Latest version:

  • Fixes issue when no local files are available
  • Additional accommodations for macOS 11 Big Sur

More information for Track Down Purchases v4.4 and download link is here.

February 20 2021 - 8:11 pm

UPDATED: Rate Me! Rate Me! v6.4

For macOS 10.15 and later only. This stay-open applet watches your playing tracks and when one begins playing displays a notification-sized panel whereby a Rating, Love and/or Dislike for the track can be entered. Features options to display only unrated playing tracks and timer preferences for how soon and how long the panel is displayed.

While you could easily rate the current track from the Music app's icon in the Dock, this script interrupts you and compels you to do so.

Latest version:

  • Adds "Dislike" option
  • Accommodates versions of Music app that handle the *current track* property differently

More information for Rate Me! Rate Me! v6.4 and download link is here.

February 8 2021 - 12:38 pm

UPDATED: Re-Apply Downsized Artwork v4.2

For macOS 10.15 and later only. This applet will examine the artwork of each selected track (or tracks in the selected playlist) and if greater than a user-set resolution (n x n pixels) will downscale the image to that resolution. Artwork already at the set resolution or smaller will not be affected. Includes options to pad image to make square, preserve extant track artworks, adjust preview proportionally and export displayed artwork to disk.

Latest version:

  • Fixes a problem with payment buttons

More information for Re-Apply Downsized Artwork v4.2 and download link is here.

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