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Sundry Info To Comments

downloaded 5m 30s ago

Sundry Info To Comments v6.5

For Music Paste non-ID3 Tag track and file-related info into Category, Comments or Description tag

Super Remove Dead Tracks

downloaded 9m 52s ago

Super Remove Dead Tracks v4.10

For iTunes Remove iTunes tracks disassociated from files

New Last Played Date

downloaded 12m 8s ago

New Last Played Date v6.2

For Music/TV Batch set new Last Played/Last Skipped of selected tracks

Proper English Title Capitalization

downloaded 13m 46s ago

Proper English Title Capitalization v5.2

For Music/TV Title Cap various track tags, featuring editable exceptions lists

Needle Drop

downloaded 30m 40s ago

Needle Drop v6.4

For iTunes Play through each track in a playlist at your set interval

Append to Selected Tag

downloaded 31m 12s ago

Append to Selected Tag v6.3

For Music/TV Append user-entered text to beginning or ending of selected tag of each selected track


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February 18 2024 - 11:35 am

UPDATED: Quick Convert v5.7

Convert all or just the selected tracks of the selected Playlist using your choice of available encoders, restoring your Preferences-set encoder afterwards.

Additionally, you can:

  • Choose to delete and/or Trash the original tracks and/or files
  • Copy all converted tracks to a playlist

Latest version:

  • Fixes issue with setting to float
  • Maintenance and minor performance fixes
  • Accommodations for macOS Sonoma

More information for Quick Convert v5.7 and download link is here.

February 4 2024 - 2:07 pm

UPDATED: Insert Text into Tag v1.3

This script will insert the same user-entered text at a specific position in the designated tag of each selected track.

The Title, Artist, Director, Album Artist, Album, Category, Composer, Comments, Grouping, Movement, Work and associated Sort tags are the options available in the Popup.

Latest version:

  • Fixes issue with default popup selection
  • Maintenance and minor performance fixes

More information for Insert Text into Tag v1.3 and download link is here.

January 28 2024 - 11:35 am

UPDATED: Show Me The Metadata v3.3

This script will display the audio metadata and the Spotlight metadata for the file of a selected track in the Music app or user-selected audio file, or a drag-and-dropped Music track or audio file. Includes additional features to display embedded artwork and activate the Finder's Information Window for the file.

Latest version:

  • Maintenance and minor performance fixes

More information for Show Me The Metadata v3.3 and download link is here.

January 28 2024 - 10:59 am

UPDATED: Copy Rating Stars to Other Tag v2.2

This script will convert the rating value (0-100) of a track to the appropriate number of stars as Unicode text and copy that text to the Category, Composer, Grouping or Comments tag, with additional options to copy to the start or end of extant Comments text.

This latest version includes a defaults preference, writable via Terminal, that can switch between using Unicode stars or literal text (eg, "5 Stars", "4 Stars", etc).

Latest version:

  • Adds Category tag
  • Adds defaults preference to change format between Unicode stars and literal text
  • Maintenance and minor performance fixes

More information for Copy Rating Stars to Other Tag v2.2 and download link is here.

January 19 2024 - 11:49 am

UPDATED: File Renamer v5.2

This script will rename the files of the selected tracks (or the files of the tracks in the selected playlist) using a substitution pattern that you formulate from the tracks' tag data. Optionally, export a copy of the files to a chosen location and rename the files in that location.

Works optimally with "Keep Media folder organized" un-checked.

Latest version:

  • Fixes issue with checking a media app for new selections
  • Maintenance and minor fixes for Sonoma

More information for File Renamer v5.2 and download link is here.

December 22 2023 - 6:33 pm

UPDATED: Time of Selected v1.0

This script will simply display the total time of the selected tracks. This information is also displayed if the Music app's Status Bar is displayed. But [an irritated Correspondent let me know that] the Status Bar is no longer available when viewing a loaded CD. Oversight or feature?

Handier when assigned a keyboard shortcut.

Latest version:

  • Initial release

More information for Time of Selected v1.0 and download link is here.

December 9 2023 - 2:52 pm

New Way to Make Playlists Comes to Sonoma 14.2

I have the Sonoma 14.2 Release Candidate and Apple has changed the way new playlists are created in the Music app. When the File > New > Playlist menu item is clicked, or Command-N is pressed, a panel will display allowing you to enter a name and provide artwork for the new playlist.

I dislike this. But there doesn't seem to be a way to shut it off.

Happily, creating a playlist with AppleScript hasn't changed. Here's a very simple script that when run will just create a new playlists named "Playlist" like it used to be.

tell application "Music" to reveal (make new playlist)

You can save this in Script Editor as a ".scpt" (Script) file in the ~Library/Music/Scripts/ folder and even give it a keyboard shortcut.

A more advanced version of this script, "Name New Playlist From Selection" is explained in this link. It was originally written for iTunes. But just substitute "Music" where "iTunes" appears in the script and it should work fine.

December 1 2023 - 10:49 am

UPDATED: Lyrics Tag Viewer v1.1

View and edit a selected track's Custom Lyrics tag in a non-modal window, which, unlike a track's Info panel, will not block keyboard and mouse activity in the Music app's interface.

Latest version:

  • Works around an issue that prevented exporting as text
  • Minor adjustments and fixes

More information for Lyrics Tag Viewer v1.1 and download link is here.

November 19 2023 - 11:46 am

UPDATED: Rate Me! Rate Me! v6.8

This stay-open applet watches your playing tracks and when one begins playing displays a notification-sized panel whereby a Rating and/or Favorite or Suggest Less for the track can be entered. Features options to display only unrated playing tracks and timer preferences for how soon and how long the panel is displayed.

While you could easily rate the current track from the Music app's icon in the Dock, this script interrupts you and compels you to do so.

Latest version:

  • Fixes issue with misdetecting computed ratings
  • Fixes issue which could prevent correctly updating Favorite/Suggest Less
  • Fixes issue that might ignore "Show for unrated tracks only" setting

More information for Rate Me! Rate Me! v6.8 and download link is here.

November 18 2023 - 2:22 pm

UPDATED: Remove Leading-Trailing Spaces v3.3

This script will remove any number of extra space characters at the beginning and ending of chosen tags (Title, Artist/Director, Album Artist, Album, Composer, Genre, Grouping, Movement, Work and Show) in the selected tracks.

Latest version:

  • Maintenance and minor performance fixes for Sonoma

More information for Remove Leading-Trailing Spaces v3.3 and download link is here.

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