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BASICS: Running AppleScripts in iTunes
What you need to do to get your iTunes Scripts Menu going and start running scripts.
BASICS: Using Script Editor
A quick look at writing, debugging, and saving scripts in various formats with Apple's Script Editor.
BASICS: iTunes/AppleScript Basics
If you're ready to try AppleScripting your iTunes this article will give you a quick intro to the concepts.
BASICS: Working With Playlists
A short report on scripting iTunes' "playlists".

INFO: DIY: Remote Management Assortment
This step-by-step AppleScript project will illustrate, describe, and implement some techniques to help manage your iTunes media files with other users over the local network.

INFO: Multiple Library Confusion
If you use iTunes' multiple library feature it is possible for your system to get confused about where your current selected library is located. Here are some thoughts and tips to alleviate the confusion.

INFO: AppleScript Changes in iTunes v2.0.3
A report on new features and fixes in iTunes v2.0.3, released December 14, 2001.
INFO: AppleScript in iTunes v2.0.4
A brief report on iTunes v2.0.4, released March 20, 2002.
INFO: A First Glance at iTunes 3
Scripting info on iTunes 3 as it develops
INFO: A Look at iTunes 4
Scripting-related features of iTunes 4
INFO: AppleScript Changes in iTunes v4.1
Features and fixes in iTunes v4.1, released October 16, 2003.
INFO: AppleScript Additions in iTunes v4.2
Features in iTunes v4.2, released December 18, 2003.
INFO: AppleScript Features in iTunes 4.5
iTunes 4.5, released April 28, 2004, introduces search and print commands.
INFO: AppleScript Features in iTunes 4.6
iTunes 4.6, released June 9, 2004, paves the way for AirPort Express and AirTunes.
INFO: AppleScript Features in iTunes 4.7
iTunes 4.7, released October 26, 2004, introduces a new command, a new property, and Script Editor weirdness.
INFO: AppleScript Features in iTunes 4.7.1
The "selection bug" is squashed!
INFO: iTunes 4.8
Overview of features in iTunes 4.8, released May 9, 2005.
INFO: iTunes 4.9
Overview of features in iTunes 4.9
INFO: AppleScript Features in iTunes 5
Overview of features in iTunes 5, released September 7, 2005. New properties and commands, mostly pertaining to podcasts, but servicable for other uses as well.
INFO: AppleScript Features in iTunes 5.0.1
Overview of features in iTunes 5.0.1, released September 20, 2005
INFO: AppleScript Features in iTunes 6
Overview of features in iTunes 6, released October 12, 2005.
INFO: A Look At iTunes 6.0.2
Features and AppleScript additions in iTunes 6.0.2, released January 10, 2006.
INFO: A (Brief) Look At iTunes 6.0.3
iTunes 6.0.3 was released February 15, 2006.
INFO: A Look At iTunes 7.0
Features and AppleScript additions in iTunes 7.0, released September 12, 2006.
INFO: A Look At iTunes 7.0.1
AppleScript fixes in iTunes 7.0.1, released September 27, 2006.
INFO: A Look At iTunes 7.0.2
AppleScript fixes in iTunes 7.0.2, released October 31, 2006.
INFO: A Look At iTunes 7.1
AppleScript changes/fixes/additions in iTunes 7.1, released March 5, 2007.
INFO: A Look At iTunes 7.2
AppleScript changes/fixes/additions in iTunes 7.2, released May 29, 2007.
INFO: A Look At iTunes 7.3.1
AppleScript changes/fixes/additions in iTunes 7.3.1, released July 11, 2007.
INFO: Commonly Used Objects
An on-going (read: "not done yet") piece explaining some of iTunes' scriptable objects and example syntax.
INFO: Commonly Used iTunes Commands
Some of the AppleScript commands specific to iTunes explained with example syntax.
INFO: About ID3 Tags
A brief run-down of what they are, how they're laid out, and their limitations.
INFO: Stay-Open Scripts and Idle Handlers
Basic information on writing stay-open scripts that can monitor and react to changes in iTunes.
INFO: Adventures With iTunes 2 in OS 9
A PowerMac 6500 supplies music in my kitchen via iTunes 2.0.4 in OS 9 and it's Y2K again. In this ongoing project I attempt to emulate iTunes 4 features in an iTunes 2 world.
INFO: The Fabulous Bookmarkable Matrix
About bookmarkable files, how to create your own, and what files will be recognized as bookmarkable "Audiobook" tracks on the iPod.
INFO: Duplicates Duplicates Duplicates!
Duplicate tracks and duplicate files are the two most problematic complaints of iTunes users. How do you manage your iTunes music library when its chock full of duplicates?.
INFO: About Master Libraries
iTunes 7 addeth Master Libraries and tooketh away the Main Library. AppleScript confusion ensues.
INFO: How I Display "Doug's Listening To..."
How I display my current track info on the site, and, sniff, why you can't (yet).
INFO: The iTunes 8.2 "none/all" Issue
iTunes 8.2 introduced a situation which affects iTunes AppleScript properties that use values of none and all. Here's how to fix it at your house.

TIP: Automatically Download Available iTunes Purchases
Use a Mail Rule to trigger an AppleScript that checks for and downloads available TV Show episodes from the iTunes Store.

TIP: Retrieving Files From iPod Shuffle
You can't drag files of selected tracks from the iPod Shuffle playlist. But AppleScript can.

TIP: Folder Actions and iTunes
Use Folder Action AppleScripts to automatically add files to iTunes.

TIP: Assign Shortcut Keys to iTunes AppleScripts
Feature number 151 in Panther: assign shortcut keys to your iTunes AppleScripts. Here's how.

TIP: Setting iTunes EQ and Volume with AppleScript
Some tips on writing scripts that control iTunes EQ and volume settings.
TIP: Schedule iTunes AppleScripts with iCal
You can modify iCal to schedule AppleScripts to run via iCal Events. Now you can have that iTunes Alarm Clock you've always wanted, and a whole lot more!
TIP: Burn an MP3 CD by Genre
Trick iTunes into burning an MP3 CD by Genre rather than Album by using this AppleScript.
TIP: Open iTunes Tracks in Non-Scriptable Applications
The trick to using AppleScript to open iTunes tracks in non-scriptable applications.
TIP: iTunes Scripts for "CDs & DVDs" System Prefs
You can have scripts fire when a music CD is inserted. Here are some ideas—including a script that checks for tracks already ripped automatically!
TIP: Access iTunes On A Remote Machine
What you need to put together some remote control scripts.
TIP: Importing Track Data From Text Files.
How to get tag info from a text file exported from a database or other formatted text file into your iTunes tracks. You'll have to modify the script yourself, but it sure beats cutting-and-pasting.
TIP: Homemade Album Booklets
iTunes can manage PDF files in much the same way it manages audio files. Here's how to create your own PDF booklets to include with your Album Playlists.
TIP: Spotlight Scripting for iTunes
Some basic info on writing scripts using iTunes tag data for Spotlight searches.
TIP: System Events, Key Code and Keystroke
Emulate key presses to access some iTunes actions otherwise inaccessible via "normal" AppleScripting.
TIP: AppleScripts As Automator Plug-Ins
Create Automator Plug-Ins, accessible in Finder contextual menus, using AppleScript and Automator's "Run AppleScript" Action.
TIP: Managing Scripts With Script Menu
Too many scripts in your iTunes Scripts menu? Organize your scripts with nested folders in the system-wide Script Menu.
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