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  1. date posted: Nov 7, 2022
    Playlists Info v2.0
    For Music Displays size, time, track count and more info about each Playlist
    latest downloads: 74 | total downloads 74
  1. date posted: Nov 5, 2022
    Reset Tracks v1.0
    For Music Reset/initialize tracks play history, ratings and more
    latest downloads: 30 | total downloads 30
  1. date posted: Sep 3, 2022
    Delete Lyrics v3.0
    For Music Delete lyrics from the selected tracks
    latest downloads: 60 | total downloads 60
  1. date posted: May 14, 2022
    Re-Locate Selected v3.2
    For Music/TV Re-locate files of selected tracks to new folder, preserve track meta-data
    latest downloads: 232 | total downloads 851
  1. date posted: Mar 11, 2022
    Insert Text into Tag v1.0
    For Music/TV Insert same text at same position in chosen tag of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 359 | total downloads 359

  1. date posted: Feb 13, 2022
    Add or Subtract Play Count v3.2
    For Music Add or subtract a user-entered number from each selected track's Plays
    latest downloads: 375 | total downloads 1,558
  1. date posted: Feb 12, 2022
    Track Titles to Word Caps v4.3
    For Music/TV Capitalize the first letter of each word in selected tracks' names
    latest downloads: 291 | total downloads 1,037
  1. date posted: Feb 12, 2022
    Reverse Artist Last, First v2.0
    For Music Reverse Artist tag text from "Last, First" to "First Last"
    latest downloads: 140 | total downloads 256
  1. date posted: Feb 12, 2022
    Track Titles to Sentence Caps v2.2
    For Music/TV Sentence-case track titles, (only first letter upper-cased)
    latest downloads: 227 | total downloads 512
  1. date posted: Feb 7, 2022
    Remove From Other Playlists v2.2
    For Music/TV Remove the selected tracks from every other user playlist
    latest downloads: 89 | total downloads 268

  1. date posted: Feb 7, 2022
    Search IMDB v2.1
    For Music/TV Use info from a selected track to search IMDB
    latest downloads: 66 | total downloads 208
  1. date posted: Feb 7, 2022
    Whack Current Track v3.1
    For Music Deletes the current track from all playlists and moves to Trash
    latest downloads: 91 | total downloads 212
  1. date posted: Feb 6, 2022
    Roman Numerals to Upper Case v2.1
    For Music Convert Roman numerals in selected tracks' tags to upper case
    latest downloads: 72 | total downloads 180
  1. date posted: Feb 6, 2022
    Track's Album to Playlist v4.1
    For Music Copy currently playing or selected track's fellow Album tracks to a new Playlist
    latest downloads: 62 | total downloads 181
  1. date posted: Feb 6, 2022
    Guitar Tab Search v2.1
    For Music Use track data from playing or selected track to search for guitar tablature
    latest downloads: 36 | total downloads 150

  1. date posted: Feb 5, 2022
    Year of Release Date to Year v3.1
    For Music Set year of selected tracks to their release date's year (if available)
    latest downloads: 73 | total downloads 279
  1. date posted: Feb 5, 2022
    Player Position to Start or Stop v3.1
    For Music Set current track's start or stop time to current player position
    latest downloads: 51 | total downloads 120
  1. date posted: Feb 5, 2022
    Size of Artwork v3.1
    For Music/TV Display the width x height of selected track's artwork
    latest downloads: 122 | total downloads 340
  1. date posted: Feb 5, 2022
    Filenames to Song Names v4.1
    For Music/TV Rename each selected track's Name with its filename (minus extension)
    latest downloads: 253 | total downloads 978
  1. date posted: Feb 5, 2022
    Export Playlist As Text v4.1
    For Music Export track info in playlist to clipboard
    latest downloads: 238 | total downloads 656

  1. date posted: Feb 5, 2022
    Is Artwork Embedded v2.1
    For Music Detects if a track's file's metadata contain image information
    latest downloads: 389 | total downloads 984
  1. date posted: Feb 4, 2022
    Copy Rating Stars to Other Tag v2.1
    For Music Copy selected tracks' rating value as Unicode text stars to Composer, Grouping or Comments
    latest downloads: 93 | total downloads 228
  1. date posted: Feb 4, 2022
    Clipboard as Artwork for Selection v2.1
    For Music Copy clipboard image directly to selected tracks as artwork
    latest downloads: 126 | total downloads 336
  1. date posted: Feb 4, 2022
    New Shuffled Playlist v2.1
    For Music Copy the selected playlist with tracks in shuffled play order
    latest downloads: 91 | total downloads 413
  1. date posted: Feb 1, 2022
    Reset Plays v3.0
    For Music Reset history properties of selected tracks to default values
    latest downloads: 42 | total downloads 199

  1. date posted: Feb 1, 2022
    Reset Tracks Start-Stop v3.1
    For Music Batch-reset the Start and Stop Time of selected tracks to their entire duration
    latest downloads: 51 | total downloads 243
  1. date posted: Feb 1, 2022
    Albumize Selection v4.1
    For Music Renumber order of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 340 | total downloads 1,329
  1. date posted: Jan 30, 2022
    Make Playlists By Tag v4.1
    For Music Create a playlist for each entry of a specified tag
    latest downloads: 156 | total downloads 457
  1. date posted: Jan 29, 2022
    Remove Leading-Trailing Spaces v3.1
    For Music/TV Removes leading and trailing space characters from chosen tags in selected tracks
    latest downloads: 273 | total downloads 1,120
  1. date posted: Jan 27, 2022
    Coverscope v2.6
    For Music View/edit assigned and embeded artwork for selected track and its file
    latest downloads: 255 | total downloads 1,249

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