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  1. date posted: Nov 19, 2023
    Rate Me! Rate Me! v6.8
    For Music Applet compels you to rate current track
    latest downloads: 18 | total downloads 614
  1. date posted: Nov 18, 2023
    Restore Artwork from Album Folder v4.7
    For Music Restore each selected track's artwork from an image file stored in its Album folder
    latest downloads: 37 | total downloads 1,897
  1. date posted: Nov 18, 2023
    Remove Leading-Trailing Spaces v3.3
    For Music/TV Removes leading and trailing space characters from chosen tags in selected tracks
    latest downloads: 50 | total downloads 1,439
  1. date posted: Nov 11, 2023
    Merge-Delete Playlists v7.4
    For Music Batch merge and/or delete playlists
    latest downloads: 7 | total downloads 644
  1. date posted: Nov 9, 2023
    Delete Empty Playlists v5.4
    For Music Delete all or selected empty playlists
    latest downloads: 48 | total downloads 1,106

  1. date posted: Nov 5, 2023
    CD-Text to CD Info v6.3
    For Music Apply selected CD's CD-Text to its disc and track tags
    latest downloads: 37 | total downloads 851
  1. date posted: Nov 4, 2023
    Year to Album of Selected Track v1.0
    For Music Enter year for the selected track to apply to all its album's tracks
    latest downloads: 14 | total downloads 14
  1. date posted: Nov 4, 2023
    Move Playlists to Folder v4.5
    For Music Move selected playlists to a new or existing folder
    latest downloads: 15 | total downloads 1,300
  1. date posted: Nov 3, 2023
    Append to Selected Tag v6.3
    For Music/TV Append user-entered text to beginning or ending of selected tag of each selected track
    latest downloads: 122 | total downloads 3,170
  1. date posted: Nov 3, 2023
    Insert Text into Tag v1.2
    For Music/TV Insert same text at same position in chosen tag of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 49 | total downloads 571

  1. date posted: Nov 2, 2023
    Media Folder Files Not Added v2.5
    For Music/TV Displays files in the Media folder not in Music track library
    latest downloads: 160 | total downloads 3,969
  1. date posted: Oct 30, 2023
    Multi-Item Edit v7.8
    For Music/TV View/Edit tags of selected track(s) in single window
    latest downloads: 146 | total downloads 3,672
  1. date posted: Oct 30, 2023
    Copy Tag Info Tracks to Tracks v6.8
    For Music Copy chosen tag info from one set of tracks to a different set of tracks
    latest downloads: 78 | total downloads 2,054
  1. date posted: Oct 27, 2023
    Album Rating Reset v5.4
    For Music Batch-change/clear the Album Rating for albums of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 100 | total downloads 2,132
  1. date posted: Oct 13, 2023
    This Tag That Tag v6.3
    For Music Applet assists with swapping, copying, appending data between track tags
    latest downloads: 143 | total downloads 3,274

  1. date posted: Oct 7, 2023
    Find Empty Media Folders v3.3
    For Music/TV Finds any empty or obsolete folders in the Media folder
    latest downloads: 123 | total downloads 1,656
  1. date posted: Oct 5, 2023
    Super Remove Dead Tracks v6.3
    For Music/TV Remove Music/TV tracks disassociated from files
    latest downloads: 264 | total downloads 5,434
  1. date posted: Oct 3, 2023
    Doug's Check For All Updates v1.8
    Check all scripts from installed on your computer for updates
    latest downloads: 393 | total downloads 6,397
  1. date posted: Aug 29, 2023
    Edit Category Tag v1.0
    For Music Edit the Category tag of selected track(s)
    latest downloads: 45 | total downloads 45
  1. date posted: Aug 24, 2023
    Lyrics Tag Viewer v1.0
    For Music View, edit a track's Custom Lyrics tag in non-modal window
    latest downloads: 39 | total downloads 39

  1. date posted: Aug 12, 2023
    Sundry Info To Comments v6.5
    For Music Paste non-ID3 Tag track and file-related info into Category, Comments or Description tag
    latest downloads: 58 | total downloads 489
  1. date posted: Aug 4, 2023
    Remove From Other Playlists v2.3
    For Music/TV Remove the selected tracks from every other user playlist
    latest downloads: 53 | total downloads 352
  1. date posted: Aug 4, 2023
    De-Genre v5.2
    For Music Helps manage and remove unwanted Genres
    latest downloads: 102 | total downloads 610
  1. date posted: Jul 31, 2023
    Play Previous Play Next Playlist v1.0
    For Music Select to play the next or previous playlist
    latest downloads: 15 | total downloads 15
  1. date posted: Jul 23, 2023
    List MIAs v6.4
    For Music/TV Display, delete, create text file listing info of dead tracks
    latest downloads: 450 | total downloads 4,825

  1. date posted: Jul 22, 2023
    Tracks Without Embedded Artwork v3.2
    For Music Gather audio tracks whose files contain no artwork metadata
    latest downloads: 368 | total downloads 3,151
  1. date posted: Jul 21, 2023
    Duplicate Playlist Folder as Playlist v3.0
    For Music Duplicate tracks from all levels of a selected Playlist Folder to a new playlist
    latest downloads: 31 | total downloads 124
  1. date posted: Jul 3, 2023
    A Space Between v3.3
    For Music Applet plays tracks with a user-set duration of silence between each track
    latest downloads: 11 | total downloads 195
  1. date posted: Jun 30, 2023
    Audition Segues v1.0
    For Music Play through just the transitions of tracks in a playlist
    latest downloads: 17 | total downloads 17
  1. date posted: Jun 30, 2023
    Audition End v3.8
    For Music Play each track in playlist starting at user-set seconds from end
    latest downloads: 33 | total downloads 329

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