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  1. date posted: Apr 18, 2021
    Quick Convert v5.4
    For Music Convert or import tracks with any encoder on the fly
    latest downloads: 14 | total downloads 543
  1. date posted: Apr 18, 2021
    This Tag That Tag v5.7
    For Music Applet assists with swapping, copying, appending data between track tags
    latest downloads: 21 | total downloads 1,654
  1. date posted: Apr 17, 2021
    Proper English Title Capitalization v4.5
    For Music/TV Title Cap various track tags, featuring editable exceptions lists
    latest downloads: 34 | total downloads 2,868
  1. date posted: Apr 16, 2021
    List MIAs v5.9
    For Music/TV Display, delete, create text file listing info of dead tracks
    latest downloads: 55 | total downloads 2,310
  1. date posted: Apr 16, 2021
    Remove n Characters From Front or Back v6.7
    For Music/TV Delete characters from the beginning or ending of selected tracks' name, artist, album, more
    latest downloads: 35 | total downloads 2,851

  1. date posted: Apr 15, 2021
    Search-Replace Tag Text v6.6
    For Music/TV Perform search-and-replace on text in your choice of tags
    latest downloads: 59 | total downloads 2,611
  1. date posted: Apr 15, 2021
    Drop A Few My Way v5.3
    For Music Drag-and-drop to convert audio files with the Music app
    latest downloads: 14 | total downloads 187
  1. date posted: Apr 12, 2021
    Playlist Manager v4.0
    For Music Perform tasks on a batch of playlists; rename, delete, duplicate, merge, more
    latest downloads: 56 | total downloads 554
  1. date posted: Apr 12, 2021
    Playlist Views Manager v1.0
    For Music Set view and sort options for a selected playlist
    latest downloads: 30 | total downloads 30
  1. date posted: Mar 27, 2021
    Sort by Artwork Size v2.1
    For Music Write size of track's artwork to chosen tag or copy tracks with artwork of certain size to playlist
    latest downloads: 46 | total downloads 241

  1. date posted: Mar 26, 2021
    Needle Drop v7.4
    For Music Play through each track in a playlist at your set interval
    latest downloads: 36 | total downloads 390
  1. date posted: Mar 26, 2021
    Audition End v3.5
    For Music Play each track in playlist starting at user-set seconds from end
    latest downloads: 6 | total downloads 142
  1. date posted: Mar 10, 2021
    Merge-Delete Playlists v6.2
    For Music Batch merge and/or delete playlists
    latest downloads: 50 | total downloads 139
  1. date posted: Mar 9, 2021
    Media Folder Files Not Added v1.7
    For Music/TV Displays files in the Media folder not in Music track library
    latest downloads: 199 | total downloads 1,817
  1. date posted: Mar 6, 2021
    Artwork as Album Folder Icon v2.6
    For Music Assigns track artwork as icon for corresponding file's folder
    latest downloads: 84 | total downloads 453

  1. date posted: Mar 5, 2021
    Block Party! v4.3
    For Music Create a playlist of random Artists and set number of random songs back-to-back
    latest downloads: 32 | total downloads 177
  1. date posted: Mar 4, 2021
    Append to Selected Tag v5.5
    For Music/TV Append user-entered text to beginning or ending of selected tag of each selected track
    latest downloads: 176 | total downloads 1,666
  1. date posted: Mar 3, 2021
    Find Album Artwork with Google v4.2
    For Music/TV Perform a Google image search for album artwork
    latest downloads: 262 | total downloads 2,152
  1. date posted: Mar 3, 2021
    Save Album Art to Album Folder v6.9
    For Music Export artwork of selected tracks to parent or specified folder
    latest downloads: 115 | total downloads 1,555
  1. date posted: Mar 2, 2021
    Artist to Last-First v5.4
    For Music Edit artist/composer-related tags text for sorting purposes
    latest downloads: 49 | total downloads 402

  1. date posted: Mar 1, 2021
    One Song From Each Artist In Playlist v2.0
    For Music Make a new playlist of tracks from source playlist
    latest downloads: 27 | total downloads 27
  1. date posted: Mar 1, 2021
    Total Plays v3.0
    For Music Tally and display Plays of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 23 | total downloads 23
  1. date posted: Feb 26, 2021
    Remove Leading-Trailing Spaces v2.4
    For Music/TV Removes leading and trailing space characters from chosen tags in selected tracks
    latest downloads: 91 | total downloads 593
  1. date posted: Feb 24, 2021
    Assimilate View Options v5.3
    For Music Recreate a playlist such that its visible columns mirror the Music library
    latest downloads: 133 | total downloads 743
  1. date posted: Feb 23, 2021
    Album Rating Reset v4.4
    For Music Batch-change/clear the Album Rating for albums of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 99 | total downloads 1,049

  1. date posted: Feb 22, 2021
    New Last Played Date v5.3
    For Music/TV Batch set new Last Played/Last Skipped of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 97 | total downloads 731
  1. date posted: Feb 21, 2021
    Track Down Purchases v4.4
    For Music Sort purchased tracks into discrete playlists by name or Apple ID
    latest downloads: 82 | total downloads 738
  1. date posted: Feb 20, 2021
    Rate Me! Rate Me! v6.4
    For Music Applet compels you to rate current track
    latest downloads: 41 | total downloads 301
  1. date posted: Feb 8, 2021
    Re-Apply Downsized Artwork v4.2
    For Music Resample selected tracks' artwork to user-set size limit
    latest downloads: 97 | total downloads 455
  1. date posted: Jan 2, 2021
    Multi-Item Edit v7.0
    For Music/TV View/Edit tags of selected track(s) in single window
    latest downloads: 421 | total downloads 2,224

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