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  1. date posted: Aug 29, 2023
    Edit Category Tag v1.0
    For Music Edit the Category tag of selected track(s)
    latest downloads: 16 | total downloads 16
  1. date posted: Aug 24, 2023
    Lyrics Tag Viewer v1.0
    For Music View, edit a track's Custom Lyrics tag in non-modal window
    latest downloads: 22 | total downloads 22
  1. date posted: Aug 12, 2023
    Sundry Info To Comments v6.5
    For Music Paste non-ID3 Tag track and file-related info into Category, Comments or Description tag
    latest downloads: 34 | total downloads 465
  1. date posted: Aug 7, 2023
    Album Rating Reset v5.3
    For Music Batch-change/clear the Album Rating for albums of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 81 | total downloads 1,970
  1. date posted: Aug 7, 2023
    Rate Me! Rate Me! v6.6
    For Music Applet compels you to rate current track
    latest downloads: 44 | total downloads 540

  1. date posted: Aug 4, 2023
    Remove From Other Playlists v2.3
    For Music/TV Remove the selected tracks from every other user playlist
    latest downloads: 30 | total downloads 329
  1. date posted: Aug 4, 2023
    De-Genre v5.2
    For Music Helps manage and remove unwanted Genres
    latest downloads: 34 | total downloads 542
  1. date posted: Jul 31, 2023
    Play Previous Play Next Playlist v1.0
    For Music Select to play the next or previous playlist
    latest downloads: 9 | total downloads 9
  1. date posted: Jul 23, 2023
    List MIAs v6.4
    For Music/TV Display, delete, create text file listing info of dead tracks
    latest downloads: 269 | total downloads 4,644
  1. date posted: Jul 22, 2023
    Tracks Without Embedded Artwork v3.2
    For Music Gather audio tracks whose files contain no artwork metadata
    latest downloads: 234 | total downloads 3,017

  1. date posted: Jul 21, 2023
    Duplicate Playlist Folder as Playlist v3.0
    For Music Duplicate tracks from all levels of a selected Playlist Folder to a new playlist
    latest downloads: 26 | total downloads 119
  1. date posted: Jul 3, 2023
    A Space Between v3.3
    For Music Applet plays tracks with a user-set duration of silence between each track
    latest downloads: 8 | total downloads 192
  1. date posted: Jun 30, 2023
    Audition Segues v1.0
    For Music Play through just the transitions of tracks in a playlist
    latest downloads: 12 | total downloads 12
  1. date posted: Jun 30, 2023
    Needle Drop v7.7
    For Music Play through each track in a playlist at your set interval
    latest downloads: 40 | total downloads 851
  1. date posted: Jun 30, 2023
    Audition End v3.8
    For Music Play each track in playlist starting at user-set seconds from end
    latest downloads: 23 | total downloads 319

  1. date posted: Jun 16, 2023
    Drop and Export Artwork v3.0
    For Music Export image metadata from drag-and-dropped audio files
    latest downloads: 47 | total downloads 204
  1. date posted: Apr 21, 2023
    Save Album Art to Album Folder v7.3
    For Music Export artwork of selected tracks to parent or specified folder
    latest downloads: 181 | total downloads 2,609
  1. date posted: Mar 30, 2023
    Increment Number Tags v4.2
    For Music/TV Set choice of various number tags of selected tracks incrementally
    latest downloads: 305 | total downloads 2,442
  1. date posted: Feb 13, 2023
    Doug's Check For All Updates v1.7
    Check all scripts from installed on your computer for updates
    latest downloads: 731 | total downloads 5,979
  1. date posted: Feb 13, 2023
    Playlist Manager v4.4
    For Music Perform tasks on a batch of playlists; rename, delete, duplicate, merge, more
    latest downloads: 393 | total downloads 2,211

  1. date posted: Feb 9, 2023
    Drop to Add and Give Info v4.1
    For Music Drag and drop files and enter multi-edit tag info before files are added to Music
    latest downloads: 48 | total downloads 244
  1. date posted: Feb 9, 2023
    Re-Embed Artwork v3.4
    For Music Exports and then re-imports selected tracks' artwork
    latest downloads: 832 | total downloads 6,467
  1. date posted: Feb 9, 2023
    Block Party! v5.1
    For Music Create a playlist of random Artists and set number of random songs back-to-back
    latest downloads: 67 | total downloads 358
  1. date posted: Feb 9, 2023
    Apply Embedded Artwork v2.1
    For Music Apply extant image metadata from tracks' files as track artwork
    latest downloads: 476 | total downloads 4,814
  1. date posted: Feb 3, 2023
    Make Playlists By Tag v4.2
    For Music Create a playlist for each entry of a specified tag
    latest downloads: 135 | total downloads 621

  1. date posted: Feb 3, 2023
    Reset Tracks v1.1
    For Music Reset/initialize tracks play history, ratings and more
    latest downloads: 85 | total downloads 127
  1. date posted: Feb 3, 2023
    Assimilate View Options v6.2
    For Music Recreate a playlist such that its visible columns mirror the Music library
    latest downloads: 383 | total downloads 1,940
  1. date posted: Feb 3, 2023
    No Lyrics to Playlist v3.1
    For Music Gather tracks that do not have lyrics text
    latest downloads: 119 | total downloads 623
  1. date posted: Feb 3, 2023
    Export Files From Playlists v3.5
    For Music Export files of tracks in two or more playlists to single folder
    latest downloads: 126 | total downloads 573
  1. date posted: Jan 29, 2023
    Track CPR v4.3
    For Music Re-associate batch of dead tracks with files dropped from Finder
    latest downloads: 355 | total downloads 2,170

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