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  1. date posted: Jun 5, 2020
    Swap Title and Artist v2.0
    For Music Swap the name with the artist of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 47 | total downloads 47
  1. date posted: May 27, 2020
    Reverse Artist Last, First v1.0
    For Music Reverse Artist tag text from "Last, First" to "First Last"
    latest downloads: 45 | total downloads 45
  1. date posted: May 24, 2020
    Export Files From Playlists v3.0
    For Music Export files of tracks in two or more playlists to single folder
    latest downloads: 54 | total downloads 54
  1. date posted: May 23, 2020
    Track Down Purchases v4.1
    For Music Sort purchased tracks into discrete playlists by name or Apple ID
    latest downloads: 76 | total downloads 333
  1. date posted: May 23, 2020
    Find Empty Media Folders v2.2
    For Music/TV Finds any empty or obsolete folders in the Media folder
    latest downloads: 90 | total downloads 388

  1. date posted: May 21, 2020
    Compare Two Playlists v4.5
    For Music/TV List tracks common or exclusive to two playlists
    latest downloads: 58 | total downloads 304
  1. date posted: May 18, 2020
    List MIAs v5.6
    For Music/TV Display, delete, create text file listing info of dead tracks
    latest downloads: 224 | total downloads 1,335
  1. date posted: May 18, 2020
    Super Remove Dead Tracks v5.4
    For Music/TV Remove Music/TV tracks disassociated from files
    latest downloads: 241 | total downloads 1,400
  1. date posted: May 18, 2020
    Track CPR v3.1
    For Music Re-associate batch of dead tracks with files dropped from Finder
    latest downloads: 141 | total downloads 429
  1. date posted: May 17, 2020
    CD Text to CD Info v5.2
    For Music Apply selected CD's CD Text to its disc and track tags
    latest downloads: 41 | total downloads 183

  1. date posted: May 15, 2020
    Copy Tracks to Multiple Playlists v5.1
    For Music Copy selected tracks to one or more playlists
    latest downloads: 46 | total downloads 101
  1. date posted: May 15, 2020
    Assimilate View Options v5.1
    For Music Recreate a playlist such that its visible columns mirror the Music library
    latest downloads: 133 | total downloads 238
  1. date posted: May 15, 2020
    Move Playlists to Folder v3.1
    For Music Move selected playlists to a new or existing folder
    latest downloads: 93 | total downloads 147
  1. date posted: May 10, 2020
    Media Folder Files Not Added v1.4
    For Music/TV Displays files in the Media folder not in Music track library
    latest downloads: 228 | total downloads 960
  1. date posted: May 10, 2020
    Drop to Add and Give Info v4.0
    For Music Drag and drop files and enter multi-edit tag info before files are added to Music
    latest downloads: 57 | total downloads 57

  1. date posted: May 2, 2020
    Whack Current Track v3.0
    For Music Deletes the current track from all playlists and moves to Trash
    latest downloads: 35 | total downloads 35
  1. date posted: Apr 21, 2020
    Delete Empty Playlists v4.2
    For Music Delete all or selected empty playlists
    latest downloads: 98 | total downloads 243
  1. date posted: Apr 19, 2020
    Add PDF to Music or Books v1.0
    For Music PDF Service for the Print Dialog that tags and saves PDF to Music or Books
    latest downloads: 50 | total downloads 50
  1. date posted: Apr 15, 2020
    No Lyrics to Playlist v2.1
    For Music Gather tracks that do not have lyrics text
    latest downloads: 95 | total downloads 105
  1. date posted: Apr 7, 2020
    File Renamer v4.6
    For Music/TV Use tag data to formulate new file name for selected tracks' files
    latest downloads: 197 | total downloads 695

  1. date posted: Mar 26, 2020
    Remove From Other Playlists v2.1
    For Music/TV Remove the selected tracks from every other user playlist
    latest downloads: 52 | total downloads 88
  1. date posted: Mar 25, 2020
    Track Names to Word Caps v4.0
    For Music/TV Capitalize the first letter of each word in selected tracks' names
    latest downloads: 223 | total downloads 223
  1. date posted: Mar 25, 2020
    Search IMDB v2.0
    For Music/TV Use info from a selected track to search IMDB
    latest downloads: 76 | total downloads 76
  1. date posted: Mar 24, 2020
    Append to Selected Tag v5.2
    For Music/TV Append user-entered text to beginning or ending of selected tag of each selected track
    latest downloads: 375 | total downloads 969
  1. date posted: Mar 23, 2020
    This Tag That Tag v5.5
    For Music Applet assists with swapping, copying, appending data between track tags
    latest downloads: 351 | total downloads 1,056

  1. date posted: Mar 22, 2020
    Proper English Title Capitalization v4.2
    For Music/TV Title Cap various track tags, featuring editable exceptions lists
    latest downloads: 584 | total downloads 1,668
  1. date posted: Mar 22, 2020
    Tracks Without Embedded Artwork v2.1
    For Music Gather audio tracks whose files contain no artwork metadata
    latest downloads: 515 | total downloads 877
  1. date posted: Mar 19, 2020
    Copy Tag Info Tracks to Tracks v6.2
    For Music Copy chosen tag info from one set of tracks to a different set of tracks
    latest downloads: 235 | total downloads 551
  1. date posted: Mar 16, 2020
    Doug's Check For All Updates v1.4
    Check all scripts from installed on your computer for updates
    latest downloads: 727 | total downloads 2,811
  1. date posted: Mar 14, 2020
    Drop A Few My Way v5.0
    For Music Drag-and-drop to convert audio files with the Music app
    latest downloads: 80 | total downloads 80

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