AppleScript Changes in iTunes 4.7.1

iTunes 4.7.1 was released on January 11, 2005, during Macworld. It was updated to interface with the new iPod Shuffle ("Smaller than a pack of gum and much more fun. Do not eat iPod Shuffle.") Also released at this Macworld was the Mac mini, iLife '05, and iWork. This update to iTunes also contains undocumented "performance enhancements".


AppleScript Fix - the "Selection Bug"

iTunes 4.7 introduced a bug concerning the application selection object. (I wrote more about that here.) The short story is that unless iTunes was the frontmost application, the application selection would be unrecognized when used in Script Editor or in an applet. This explains why compiled scripts using the syntax would work: iTunes would be frontmost when you fired a compiled script from the Script menu. The workaround is to target the specific window, or, in general, front browser window. Another workaround was to place an activate command in an application script to bring iTunes to the front.

I'm happy to report that this bug is fixed in iTunes 4.7.1! While I updated many scripts to workaround the bug, there is no need to change them back. However, it is most convenient to just ask for the selection.

Scripting iPod Shuffle

Well, until I get one (The Apple Store in San Francisco sold out 1700 of them during Macworld on the first day of release, I heard), I won't know exactly what you can do. I suspect that it behaves like the other iPods. I believe you can access the files on the flash drive from the Finder, using Terminal commands, but I don't know for certain what the directories look like. If you find out before I get one—for my daughter, don't you know—drop me a line.

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