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February 25, 2024

AppleScript Applet for Music

Save Album Art to Album Folder v7.4

Universal, for macOS 12 and later only. This script will export the artwork of each of the selected tracks (or the tracks in a selected playlist) as an image file to the folder which contains each selected track's file--presumably each track's Album folder--or to a single user-selected folder. If multiple album tracks are selected, the script will make sure only one artwork file per Album is exported.

Also see Save Album Art as folder.jpg.

This app is free to try full-featured in Demo Mode. In Demo Mode it will only process 5 image files per launch. If you like it you can purchase a code for $1.99 which will unlock the 5-image restriction. Launch the app and click "Register..." in its File menu to make an in-app purchase.

Action shot:

Save Album Art to Album Folder in action

The image output settings will be saved between uses.

Latest version:

  • February 25, 2024
  • Maintenance and minor performance fixes
  • Fixes glitch in Settings



  • This is an Applet
  • works with: Music
  • file format: Application (Applet)
  • Gatekeeper Security: Notarized by Apple
  • written by Doug Adams
  • current version downloads: 174 | total downloads: 2,939
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Current v7.4