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  1. date posted: Jan 24, 2020
    Make A Text List v6.2
    For Music/TV Display/export a list of chosen tracks tag data
    latest downloads: 1 | total downloads 36
  1. date posted: Jan 20, 2020
    Save Album Art to Album Folder v6.4
    For Music Export artwork of selected tracks to parent or specified folder
    latest downloads: 21 | total downloads 373
  1. date posted: Jan 16, 2020
    Multi-Item Edit v6.7
    For Music/TV View/Edit tags of selected track(s) in single window
    latest downloads: 83 | total downloads 933
  1. date posted: Jan 1, 2020
    File Renamer v4.5
    For Music/TV Use tag data to formulate new file name for selected tracks' files
    latest downloads: 92 | total downloads 366
  1. date posted: Dec 30, 2019
    Find Empty Media Folders v2.1
    For Music/TV Finds any empty or obsolete folders in the Media folder
    latest downloads: 74 | total downloads 160

  1. date posted: Dec 28, 2019
    Compare Two Playlists v4.4
    For Music/TV List tracks common or exclusive to two playlists
    latest downloads: 46 | total downloads 141
  1. date posted: Dec 26, 2019
    Not In Any Playlist v3.0
    For Music List tracks not assigned to playlists
    latest downloads: 53 | total downloads 53
  1. date posted: Dec 21, 2019
    Batch Trim Start or Stop Time v3.0
    For Music Change selected tracks' Start Time or Stop Time by user-entered seconds
    latest downloads: 17 | total downloads 17
  1. date posted: Dec 19, 2019
    Select Files and Convert v1.0
    For Music Convert files from the Finder with Music's encoders
    latest downloads: 62 | total downloads 62
  1. date posted: Dec 18, 2019
    Guitar Tab Search v2.0
    For Music Use track data from playing or selected track to search for guitar tablature
    latest downloads: 35 | total downloads 35

  1. date posted: Dec 17, 2019
    Change Finder Tags v3.0
    For Music/TV Change Finder tags of the files of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 45 | total downloads 45
  1. date posted: Dec 14, 2019
    Convert and Replace v3.1
    For Music Convert selected tracks and replace them with converted versions
    latest downloads: 135 | total downloads 135
  1. date posted: Dec 13, 2019
    Convert and Export v5.0
    For Music Convert selected tracks and export the converted files to a new folder
    latest downloads: 51 | total downloads 51
  1. date posted: Dec 13, 2019
    Clear Bookmark of Selected v3.0
    For Music/TV Set the bookmark pointer of selected tracks to 0 seconds
    latest downloads: 12 | total downloads 12
  1. date posted: Dec 13, 2019
    Disable Dated Tracks v2.0
    For Music/TV Uncheck tracks whose Last Played date is before/after a user-entered date
    latest downloads: 8 | total downloads 8

  1. date posted: Dec 13, 2019
    Create Archive of Selected v3.0
    For Music/TV Create a .zip archive of the files of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 18 | total downloads 18
  1. date posted: Dec 13, 2019
    Track's Album to Playlist v4.0
    For Music Copy currently playing or selected track's fellow Album tracks to a new Playlist
    latest downloads: 33 | total downloads 33
  1. date posted: Dec 12, 2019
    Re-Locate Selected v2.1
    For Music/TV Re-locate files of selected tracks to new folder, preserve track meta-data
    latest downloads: 73 | total downloads 123
  1. date posted: Dec 12, 2019
    Export Playlist As Text v4.0
    For Music Export track info in playlist to clipboard
    latest downloads: 78 | total downloads 78
  1. date posted: Dec 12, 2019
    Is Artwork Embedded v2.0
    For Music Detects if a track's file's metadata contain image information
    latest downloads: 158 | total downloads 158

  1. date posted: Dec 12, 2019
    Tracks Without Embedded Artwork v2.0
    For Music Gather audio tracks whose files contain no artwork metadata
    latest downloads: 234 | total downloads 234
  1. date posted: Dec 11, 2019
    Skip Back or Ahead v3.0
    For Music/TV Advance or rewind the currently playing track an entered number of seconds
    latest downloads: 21 | total downloads 21
  1. date posted: Dec 11, 2019
    Filenames to Song Names v4.0
    For Music/TV Rename each selected track's Name with its filename (minus extension)
    latest downloads: 117 | total downloads 117
  1. date posted: Dec 2, 2019
    Sort by Artwork Size v2.0
    For Music Write size of track's artwork to chosen tag or copy tracks with artwork of certain size to playlist
    latest downloads: 68 | total downloads 68
  1. date posted: Dec 2, 2019
    Size of Artwork v3.0
    For Music/TV Display the width x height of selected track's artwork
    latest downloads: 67 | total downloads 67

  1. date posted: Nov 27, 2019
    Media Folder Files Not Added v1.3
    For Music/TV Displays files in the Media folder not in Music track library
    latest downloads: 285 | total downloads 482
  1. date posted: Nov 26, 2019
    List MIAs v5.4
    For Music/TV Display, delete, create text file listing info of dead tracks
    latest downloads: 298 | total downloads 687
  1. date posted: Nov 26, 2019
    Flush Apple Music Cache Files v2.0
    For Music Delete files downloaded and cached by Apple Music
    latest downloads: 65 | total downloads 65
  1. date posted: Nov 24, 2019
    Super Remove Dead Tracks v5.2
    For Music/TV Remove Music/TV tracks disassociated from files
    latest downloads: 368 | total downloads 569
  1. date posted: Nov 24, 2019
    Side Splitter v2.0
    For Music Split an album of tracks into playlists by LP side and auto-play them
    latest downloads: 12 | total downloads 12

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