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  1. Skip Back or Ahead v3.1
    For Music/TV Advance or rewind the currently playing track an entered number of seconds
    latest downloads: 5 | total downloads 77
  1. Track Down Purchases v4.2
    For Music Sort purchased tracks into discrete playlists by name or Apple ID
    latest downloads: 15 | total downloads 426
  1. Delete Empty Playlists v4.3
    For Music Delete all or selected empty playlists
    latest downloads: 25 | total downloads 319
  1. Playlist Manager v3.1
    For Music Perform tasks on a batch of playlists; rename, delete, duplicate, merge, more
    latest downloads: 41 | total downloads 61
  1. Apply Embedded Artwork v1.1
    For Music Apply extant image metadata from tracks' files as track artwork
    latest downloads: 126 | total downloads 1,619

  1. Merge-Delete Playlists v6.0
    For Music Batch merge and/or delete playlists
    latest downloads: 16 | total downloads 16
  1. Rate Me! Rate Me! v6.1
    For Music Applet compels you to rate current track
    latest downloads: 39 | total downloads 176
  1. Set Video Kind of Selected v6.1
    For TV Change video kind and video related tags of selected video tracks
    latest downloads: 20 | total downloads 111
  1. Re-Embed Artwork v3.1
    For Music Exports and then re-imports selected tracks' artwork
    latest downloads: 305 | total downloads 2,223
  1. Display File Path v2.1
    For Music Continuously update a floating display with file path of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 50 | total downloads 126

  1. Remove n Characters From Front or Back v6.5
    For Music/TV Delete characters from the beginning or ending of selected tracks' name, artist, album, more
    latest downloads: 202 | total downloads 1,999
  1. Search Results to Playlist v3.1
    For Music Emulates Music search and copies results to a playlist
    latest downloads: 35 | total downloads 120
  1. Make Tags All Caps v2.1
    For Music Convert selected tags of selected tracks to all caps
    latest downloads: 22 | total downloads 100
  1. Save Album Art to Album Folder v6.7
    For Music Export artwork of selected tracks to parent or specified folder
    latest downloads: 126 | total downloads 1,086
  1. Remove Leading-Trailing Spaces v2.2
    For Music/TV Removes leading and trailing space characters from chosen tags in selected tracks
    latest downloads: 74 | total downloads 325

  1. Restore Artwork from Album Folder v4.2
    For Music Restore each selected track's artwork from an image file stored in its Album folder
    latest downloads: 104 | total downloads 712
  1. Coverscope v2.1
    For Music View/edit assigned and embeded artwork for selected track and its file
    latest downloads: 88 | total downloads 479
  1. Copy Tracks to Multiple Playlists v5.2
    For Music Copy selected tracks to one or more playlists
    latest downloads: 21 | total downloads 134
  1. Copy Tag Info Tracks to Tracks v6.3
    For Music Copy chosen tag info from one set of tracks to a different set of tracks
    latest downloads: 95 | total downloads 699
  1. Copy From Start to Stop v3.0
    For Music Copy the file of the selected track using its Start and Stop times
    latest downloads: 5 | total downloads 40

  1. Convert and Replace v3.2
    For Music Convert selected tracks and replace them with converted versions
    latest downloads: 59 | total downloads 308
  1. Change Finder Tags v3.1
    For Music/TV Change Finder tags of the files of selected tracks
    latest downloads: 15 | total downloads 108
  1. Block Party! v4.1
    For Music Create a playlist of random Artists and set number of random songs back-to-back
    latest downloads: 19 | total downloads 97
  1. Append to Selected Tag v5.3
    For Music/TV Append user-entered text to beginning or ending of selected tag of each selected track
    latest downloads: 148 | total downloads 1,165
  1. Multi-Item Edit v6.8
    For Music/TV View/Edit tags of selected track(s) in single window
    latest downloads: 161 | total downloads 1,565

  1. Artist to Last-First v5.1
    For Music Edit artist/composer-related tags text for sorting purposes
    latest downloads: 52 | total downloads 220
  1. List MIAs v5.7
    For Music/TV Display, delete, create text file listing info of dead tracks
    latest downloads: 244 | total downloads 1,669
  1. Show Me The Metadata v2.2
    For Music Display a selected file's audio and Spotlight metadata
    latest downloads: 56 | total downloads 262
  1. Refresh Smart Playlists v3.2
    For Music/TV Compel selected Smart Playlists to refresh their track contents
    latest downloads: 43 | total downloads 272
  1. Needle Drop v7.2
    For Music Play through each track in a playlist at your set interval
    latest downloads: 48 | total downloads 252

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