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Recommendations by Task

Here, in no particular order, are a few iTunes script recommendations that perform some commonly asked-for tasks.

Be sure to also see the Missing Menu Commands and Spare Parts pages.


Track Tag Manipulation

Switching, changing, modifying tag data (see track tag text editing scripts below)

Track Tag Text Editing

Exporting Files

Ratings, Play Counts, Dates

Track Manipulation/Organization

Moving/copying/gathering tracks from one place to another

  • Block Party! v2.1
    Create a Block Party! playlist of random Artists and specific number of their random songs to be played in a row
  • Not In Any Playlist To Playlist v1.0
    Search iTunes or iPod library for tracks not assigned to Playlists, copy them to new Playlist
  • Track Down Purchases v2.3
    Sort purchased tracks into discrete playlists by name or account ID


Transport Control

General Library Tidying

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