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Purchases and Registration Codes FAQ


Didn't Receive a Registration Code

Your PayPal receipt and registration code emails should be received within moments of each other. If you do not receive the email from me containing the code within a few minutes of receiving the PayPal receipt, contact me at support AT dougscripts DOT com. It may be that your email server blocked or delayed the automated email containing your code as unsolicited spam. By contacting me directly, I should be able to reply to your email without activating your email server's junk/spam filter.

Strangely, Google's email servers (, will occasionally delay the message from me containing the registration information by as long as 30 minutes. I do not know why that is.

If you have already contacted me and still have not received a timely reply from me (likely if your email host insists on blocking me no matter what), the next best thing is to try and contact me using another email address, or via Twitter DM, or through the PayPal Resolution Center which will allow us to communicate via the PayPal website.


Message from PayPal: "Things don't appear to be working at the moment."

Usually, this is an issue on PayPal's end and clears up after a short time. However, make sure you are using the most current version of a script or app.


Can't Complete Purchase/Registration Due to Error

Some older scripts do not behave correctly when attempting to access the internet. If you can, update to the latest version of the script. If you can't update to a newer version of the script because you are running an older operating system, then please email support AT dougscripts DOT com and provide the script name, its version and your operating system version and we'll work it out.


Can't Connect

You attempt to register and you get a message from the app saying that an internet connection to my server could not be made or fails. The message will suggest logging-out and back in or restarting your machine. This appears to clear any internet-related caches that may be preventing a handshake with my server. I do not know the precise reason why this may occur.


Lost Registration Code(s)

Simply email me at support AT dougscripts DOT com. Include the name of the script, your name and the email address you most likely used to make the purchase. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Donations for Scripts

Any convenient amount is always appreciated and helps me keep the site going. You will not receive a registration code for donations, but the nag screens will cease after accessing the PayPal donation page.

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