September 8 2017 - 12:53 pm

iTunes U Moving to Podcasts

Apple has announced that iTunes U content will soon be moved to Podcasts. When that happens, iTunes U content will only be available through the iOS Podcasts app or the Podcasts section of iTunes. In iTunes, the iTunes U section will disappear.

What. You were expecting an iTunes U app?

September 5 2017 - 1:06 pm

Find Tracks with Multiple Artworks

This will corral all the tracks in the Music library that have more than one assigned artwork to a new playlist (whose name you supply; any existing playlist(s) with that name will be deleted beforehand):

tell application "iTunes"


set newPlaylistName to text returned of (display dialog ¬

"Enter a name for the playlist:" default answer "Multi-artwork tracks")

on error


end try


delete (every playlist whose name is newPlaylistName)

end try

set newPlaylist to (make new playlist with properties {name:newPlaylistName})

set musicLibrary to (get some playlist whose special kind is Music)

repeat with i from 1 to (index of last track of musicLibrary)


set aTrack to track i of musicLibrary

if (count of artworks of aTrack) > 1 then


duplicate aTrack to newPlaylist

end try

end if

end try

end repeat

display dialog "Done" buttons {"OK"} default button 1

end tell

Open this in Script Editor by clicking the little script icon. Save it named whatever you like as a Script Bundle in your ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts/ folder so that it will be listed in the iTunes Script menu. Launch the script and enter a name for the playlist; the default is “Multi-artwork tracks”; press OK.

September 3 2017 - 10:05 am

Rolling Out Updates for High Sierra

Apple will be announcing new hardware and software at a September 12 Event. Most of the attention, of course, is on the sparkly mobile-oriented stuff. Those of us anchored to iMacs and Macbooks will hopefully hear a sentence or two about macOS 10.13 High Sierra which I reckon will be released in late September (Sierra was released on September 20, 2016 after a September 7 Event).

I’ve already started releasing updates to scripts and I’ll be releasing more regularly over the next few weeks. There are only minimal obligatory changes and accommodations to make. Most current scripts should run OK in High Sierra. But there are some optimizations I can take advantage of in macOS 10.13, thus the updates.

This is probably a good place to note once again that a clean install of macOS 10.12 and later may not create a “iTunes” folder in the user Library directory. Scripts installed in ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts/ will appear in the iTunes Script menu; you may have to create the intermediate folders yourself.

To stay apprised of updates—if you haven’t already—subscribe to me on Twitter, @dougscripts, or on Facebook. Bookmark the 30 Most Recent page. Or subscribe to my Most Recent RSS feed (if you still believe in RSS).

August 31 2017 - 8:41 am

Dropbox Dropping Support for Older OSs Soon

I just got an email from Dropbox letting me know that as of November 3, new installations of Dropbox will be no longer be possible on macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and Windows Vista. Then, on January 17, 2018, support for these OSs will be discontinued entirely. There is more here at Dropbox’s site.

I know some iTunes users like to store their libraries in Dropbox (which I don’t think is a great idea, but there it is) so if you’ve got media files on an older machine using Dropbox you may want to move that stuff out of there.

August 27 2017 - 1:20 pm

UPDATED: Proper English Title Capitalization v3.6

Proper English Title Capitalization has been updated, primarily to provide compatibility with High Sierra. But I also added a Dry Run Log window to pre-flight the changes before actually affecting the tracks’ tags in iTunes.

Until now, I had logged this stuff to Blech.

I also had a look at a problem with capitalizing words if they followed a colon (:). I think most conditions are covered. Essentially, if a word follows a colon, it’s capitalized no matter what.

Proper English Title Capitalization is free to use with a donate nag and thanks for your support! More information and download is on this page.

August 26 2017 - 12:37 pm

UPDATED: Dupin v2.12.0

I’ve posted Dupin v2.12.0 which has initial accommodations for macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Dupin is the iTunes Duplicates Manager.

In addition to the macOS 10.13 considerations and obligatory performance enhancements, I’ve added a “Reset to All Keepers” button to the Filter Controls. I don’t know what took so long on that. There is also a new “Local files” option added to the “Always Keep this Kind” popup.

The View menu now allows you to select to view only Dupe Groups that contain dead or cloud or local file tracks.

The Library Profile utility in the Help menu has also received some improvements.

Dupin v2.12.0 is free to try in Demo Mode during which it will only operate on twenty Dupe Groups at a time with one “Purge” operation allowed per launch for up to eight launches. A registration code to remove the Demo Mode restrictions is $15.00. This update is free if you purchased your current registration code within the last five years. Out-of-date registrations can be updated for $5.00 by downloading and launching the latest version and making an in-app purchase.

More information, links to the FAQ page, quick-start video and download is available from this page. Current users can hit “Check for Update…” in Dupin’s menu.

August 18 2017 - 10:00 am

Visitors’ macOS Percentages

Every so often I like to post a Google Analytics graphic of visitors’ macOS breakouts. This is from today and covers the last 30 days:

August 18 2017 - 9:53 am

UPDATED: Join Together v7.8.0 and M3Unify v1.9.1

I’ve just released new versions of Join Together (v7.8.0) and M3Unify (v1.9.1) that make some initial accommodations for macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

To date, there have been a few issues with the High Sierra betas, as one expects. But the latest versions of these apps should be fine running in the latest betas. There may be some additional updates when the final version of macOS 10.13 is released later this year.

Even if you’re not running a High Sierra beta, you should update to these new versions of Join Together and M3Unify since they also have performance fixes and enhancements. And everybody likes those.

August 10 2017 - 10:23 am

Refresh a Track From Its File’s Metadata

If you make changes to the file of an iTunes track in another application, iTunes doesn’t always immediately update its database with the changes until you’ve played the track or tapped its Get Info window.

This is a relatively old AppleScript command, but refresh is intended to do this. This script will compel iTunes to update the selected track entries in the database with information from the metadata of the their files:

tell application "iTunes"

set sel to selection

if sel is {} then return

repeat with aTrack in sel

if class of aTrack is file track then refresh aTrack

end repeat

end tell

August 10 2017 - 7:21 am

NEW: Show Me The Metadata

Every now and then I’ve needed to inspect the Spotlight metadata for an audio file, usually to find its UTIs or something along those lines. Many years ago I wrote about Spotlight scripting and a one-line mdls script to read this data. But as the years passed, I’d been adding features to this tool as my look-ups became more specific.

Now look what I’ve done.

Show Me The Metadata will display the audio metadata and the Spotlight metadata for either the file of a selected track in iTunes or a user-selected audio file.

The display areas are scrollable. The window and the heights of the display areas are resizable. It also includes additional features to display embedded artwork and activate the Finder’s Information Window for the file. You won’t use this a lot, but it’ll be handy when you need it.

Show Me The Metadata is for macOS 10.10 and later and is free to use with a donation nag. More information and download is on this page.

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