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January 18 '08 - 9:36 am
UPDATE: Make Bookmarkable v2.2

The iTunes 7.6 update has some troubles, AppleScript-wise. I’m not exactly sure where the problem is, however, the first evidence of it occurs with Make Bookmarkable. An “Apple Event timeout” error occurs when multiple tracks are selected. I have posted a workaround and I am investigating the problem so I can file a bug report with Apple.

January 18 '08 - 8:58 am
Site is Slow to Load

My hosting company is experiencing some server trouble and as a result–so they report–access to the site will be slow through the day on January 18 while they effect repairs. Sorry about that!

January 15 '08 - 4:45 pm
iTunes 7.6 and QuickTime 7.4 Released

Apple has released updates to iTunes and QuickTime. I’ll be on the lookout for AppleScript features and post info when necessary.

January 8 '08 - 1:56 pm
Interesting and Interestinger

This article at TUAW indicates an update for iTunes and possible details of iTunes-compatible files appearing on FOX DVDs. FOX has a site which seems to confirm it.

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