January 31 2012 - 1:27 pm

Sync A Wi-Fi iPhone Follow Up

Several Correspondents have wired in to report that the Sync a Wi-Fi iPhone Once a Day With launchd tip is great and all but how can more than one Wi-Fi device be sync'd? Currently the script only targets a single iPhone or iPad. If you want to sync all connected devices you'll need a different script. (more…)

January 26 2012 - 10:22 am

Sync a Wi-Fi iPhone Once a Day With launchd

A while back, I retired my iPhone 3GS to the bedside table after buying an iPhone 4. I use the 3GS pretty much as a glorified clock radio-iPod Touch. I have a few radio apps on it and the Digital Clock app. I also have it set to sync and back up over Wi-Fi to my main iMac so I manually initiate a sync when I need to update Podcasts and apps and what have you.

This manual syncing has become tiresome. (I mean, if I used a traditional clock radio, I wouldn't have to update its content manually, right?)

It's simple enough to write an AppleScript to sync a connected iPhone but I want the script to run on a regular basis without me having to fire it. I like to listen to Podcasts in the evening so sometime during dinner would be a good time to update the 3GS with any Podcasts that have arrived during the day. For this, I can create a launchd agent to fire the AppleScript that syncs the 3GS in the background. Here's how to get all that to swing: (more…)

August 6 2011 - 5:01 pm

UPDATED: PDF Adder v4.0

Some smart-guy at Apple thought to include an alias to the in the /Library/PDF Services folder to make it easy to add PDFs to iTunes from the Print Dialog. But then if you want to add tags to the PDF you have to go into iTunes, dig up the track and do a Get Info.

Regular visitors will already be aware of the "Add as PDF to iTunes" PDF Service that is part of my three-script PDF Adder collection. I've just updated these as Cocoa-AppleScripts (for OS X 10.6 and 10.7 only).

These three AppleScripts assist with adding PDF files to iTunes as "digital booklet" PDF tracks. Each provides a method for easily supplying Author (artist), Album, Category (genre), Year, Rating and Description tag data which is then applied to the newly-added PDF track:

  • Add as PDF to iTunes is a PDF Service workflow that, when installed, will be available in the PDF pop-up menu of the Print Dialog. It allows you to save the current document as a PDF file (from any application that uses the Print Dialog) and add it to iTunes. I describe here how I use it with Safari Reader.
  • PDF Adder is an applet that will let you choose an existing PDF file and add it to iTunes. It can be installed in iTunes' Scripts folder for easy access from iTunes Script menu.
  • PDF Dropper is a droplet that lets you add a PDF file to iTunes by drag-and-drop.

PDFs added to iTunes with these scripts will appear in the "Books" library and can sync with the iBooks app on iPhone or iPad.

April 6 2010 - 10:28 am

After Further Investigation...

Didn't care for the iDisplay. It was not very responsive when trying to run iTunes from the iPad. Although it did work. There was just a lot of delay. I will certainly check them out again when I see some updates. Someone recommended Pad Mouse and that'll do for the time being. But it could use some finessing as well. No rush! Like the rest of us neither of these outfits had an iPad to work with until Saturday.

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