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April 15 2015 - 3:22 pm

TrackSift 2 v1.0.2

TrackSift 2 rolls nine tools for iTunes into a single easy to use app. With TrackSift you can:

  • Sort tracks into playlists by Apple ID Merge two or more playlists
  • Delete "dead" tracks Delete unused non-Tunes Genre names
  • Create "One-Hit Wonder" and "𝑛 Songs by Artist" playlists
  • Find songs without album art, without lyrics, and not in playlists

This lateset version fixes a problem with unresponsive clicks in the launch verification panel; improves library parsing; improves Notifications; other minor fixes.

TrackSift 2 is available exclusively on the Mac App Store.

March 6 2014 - 1:33 pm

iTunes Store Power Search at Your Fingertips

Kirk McElhearn posted today about accessing the (kinda hidden) iTunes Store "Power Search" panel:

The trick to making this panel visible is to use this link, which I suppose you could bookmark in your web browser and Command-Tab to that whenever you wanted to power search. But in the last century human beings invented AppleScript to free themselves from time-consuming drudgeries like that.

Just enter this in AppleScript Editor (or click the little script icon to open it automatically):

tell application "iTunes"

open location "itms://"

end tell

Name it whatever you like and Save it with the Format of "Script" in your ~Library/iTunes/Scripts/ folder. Then assign it a shortcut in iTunes.

This post was updated on March 9, 2014.

Also see this post: More iTunes Store Power Search at Your Fingertips.

December 13 2013 - 1:10 pm

Search iTunes Store via Google

Kirk had a tip about using Google to search the iTunes Store in his Macworld column today. Here's a script for that:


set searchText to text returned of (display dialog "Search the iTunes Music Store for:" default answer "")

tell application "Finder" to open location " " & searchText

end try

Launch and enter some search text and click the "OK" button. A new window with Google results will be displayed by your default browser.

October 17 2013 - 7:27 am

UPDATED: Track Down Purchases v2.2

Track Down Purchases v2.2 will examine each track in the entire iTunes library—or a selection of tracks—for items purchased from the iTunes Store (audio, video, and books) and then sort them by either the purchaser's name or account ID into discrete playlists, eg: "Purchased by Tom Ryan" or "Purchased by".

This latest version changes the name of each playlist created (prefixing it with "Purchased by") so that they'll sort together and also fixes an issue with misreading account ID data that produced garbled text in the playlist names.

More info and download here.

September 22 2009 - 10:33 pm

Copy iTunes Store Tracks in Browse Mode

You may have been (prematurely) lamenting the inability to drag tracks from the iTunes Store to a playlist on your machine for later purchase because of the new format. Well, just put the store in Browse mode (Command-B). Tracks will be available the old-fashioned way, more or less:

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