September 2010

September 28 2010 - 12:57 pm

UPDATED: Change Hidden iTunes Preferences v2.4

In the back of my mind I had a notion that something wasn’t quite right when I posted this on Sunday. Change Hidden iTunes Preferences, which now includes the ability to hide the new “Ping” buttons, had a problem hiding the old-style arrow links under certain conditions. It is fixed.

September 27 2010 - 2:16 pm

UPDATED: Re-Locate Selected v1.2

Re-Locate Selected v1.2 really fixes the version check error at launch. With the hullaballoo over the weekend concerning the latest version of iTunes, I hurriedly posted v1.1 yesterday which did not completely resolve the issue.

September 26 2010 - 1:05 pm

10.0.1 Peeve

If your iTunes library is being shared on your local network, when you quit iTunes you will get an alert box which “reminds” you that

I suppose this is fine, and my wife will appreciate this if she’s watching my Mac’s media on our Mac mini TV, but if an AppleScript tells iTunes to quit Right Now, the alert requires user to click a button, which 1) may defeat the intention of an unattended quit, 2) could screw up a script if the user chooses “Don’t Quit”, and 3) is annoying in general. A preference to shut this off, which I couldn’t find, would be great.

UPDATE: A Correspondent informs me the Quit alert-while-sharing is not new. I have never seen it before, and do not see it on a machine running iTunes 10.0. But, whatever; it’s still a peeve.


September 26 2010 - 12:27 pm

UPDATED: Change Hidden iTunes Preferences v2.3

Change Hidden iTunes Preferences v2.3 now includes an option to hide the “Ping” buttons for iTunes 10.0.1 or better.

This application will allow you to invoke hidden iTunes preferences:

  • Show “Library” playlist
  • Changing view setting is global
  • Allow half-stars in ratings
  • Hide “Ping” buttons
  • Show/hide arrow links — to either search the iTunes Store or search your library
  • Load complete iTunes Store preview before playing
  • Create playlists for purchased song collections
  • Play songs while importing or converting
  • Create file names with track number
  • Maintain grid view for Search results
  • Option-click zoom button for Mini Player
  • Show buttons horizontally

For iTunes 9 or better in OS 10.5 or better only.

September 25 2010 - 3:28 pm

NEW: Toggle Ping Buttons v1.0

The latest version of iTunes, 10.0.1, adds new Ping features, including a Ping button for a selected track. For those that find this, uhm, disturbing, Toggle Ping Buttons will set a hidden preference to toggle the Ping buttons off (or on again later). Remember: it only works with iTunes 10.0.1 or better. It has no effect on other versions of iTunes.

September 25 2010 - 2:37 pm

iTunes 10.0.1 Released

Apple has released iTunes 10.0.1 which adds some new features to Ping and makes a few fixes. Kirk McElhearn has a good first-look at Macworld.

September 16 2010 - 10:51 am

Take Your Album List WIth You

You probably know that you can use iTunes’ Print command to create CD box labels and stuff, which I’m guessing not many people need much any more. You can also print a list of all your Albums, sorted by Artist. Big whoop? Well, instead of printing it to paper, use the PDF Service in PDF Adder to add the listing as a PDF to iTunes’ Books library. It syncs to the iBooks app on your iPhone or iPad, too, so you can keep a portable list of all your albums with you. Update it once a month or so. Mine came to thirty-two pages! (Gotta work on my iPhone Cross-Country-Ski-Fingers Speed Scroll technique.)

BTW: I was reminded of album list printing when I heard Kirk chatting with Chuck Joiner about his new book, Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ (which will also sync nicely to your iBooks app).

September 11 2010 - 12:03 pm

NEW: Re-Locate Selected

Re-Locate Selected will re-locate the files of the selected iTunes tracks from their current location to a new user-chosen folder. iTunes will be updated with each track’s new location and all of each track’s meta-data will be preserved. There’s also an option to remove the files from their original location.

September 8 2010 - 4:19 pm

UPDATED: Search Wikipedia v2.2

I have been doing a lot of listening to radio streams in iTunes recently. And because of the “surprise” factor inherent in radio listening, an artist will often be played in a stream that I’m curious about. A good provider will format the current stream title to the somewhat standard format of Artist – Song Name which will be scrolled in the the iTunes display while the stream is, er, streaming. Search Wikipedia v2.2 can now detect if a stream is playing, and, if the current stream title is formatted correctly, search Wikipedia using the artist portion of the title. Of course, otherwise, Search Wikipedia will use the playing or selected track’s tags as the basis for a Wikipedia article search.

September 6 2010 - 3:55 pm

Current Track to Twitter is Obsolete

Been getting a lot of email from users of the Current Track to Twitter script. The bad news is, yes, the script no longer works. The reason is that as of September 1, 2010, the Twitter API no longer accepts Basic Auth authorization, which is what the script uses to access your Twitter account. Twitter now only accepts OAuth authorization, which isn’t exactly a good fit with AppleScript (it is ideal for web-based apps, however). Therefore, it is not likely I will be updating the script to use OAuth.

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