June 1 '10 - 7:04 pm

NEW: Delete Empty Playlists

You’d think just about every obvious iTunes housekeeping task imaginable would have been automated by now. You’d think. And so I thought also. Until I received a suggestion from Correspondent Holly B.:

“I am doing a major itunes library overhaul, and I used your batch playlist delete script, which was a huge improvement over the native iTunes one-at-a-time approach. I wanted to suggest a script that deletes empty playlists. I use smart playlists for management, and wouldn’t want to delete empty ones, but I would want to delete empty non-smart playlists.”

And it figures that it’s also something I would use from time to time as well. So I whipped up Delete Empty Playlists. You can delete all empty playlists or select specific empty playlists to delete.

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