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May 27 '09 - 10:19 am
ScriptPal v1.1 Posted

I posted ScriptPal v1.1 on Monday. This new version can now display the contents of the user “Scripts” folder (~/Library/iTunes/Scripts/) and/or the local “Scripts” folder (/Library/iTunes/Scripts/), can add a script to an existing Workgroup via the contextual menu, and addresses a couple of minor issues.

May 13 '09 - 8:08 am
ScriptPal Gets Macworld Gem Treatment

Macworld’s Dan Frakes has a great review of ScriptPal. Thanks!

May 9 '09 - 6:16 pm
ScriptPal v1.0.2 Released

This latest update to ScriptPal fixes a problem displaying consecutive sub-folders.

May 8 '09 - 9:31 am
ScriptPal v1.0.1 Released

Just made a couple of quick fixes to ScriptPal, now at version 1.0.1. Fixed a problem listing scripts when the “Scripts” folder has a custom icon and addressed an issue whereby the contents of application bundles with non-standard hierarchies were being displayed.

Thanks for the great feedback on ScriptPal.

May 1 '09 - 10:54 am
ScriptPal v1.0. Released

ScriptPal floats a persistent HUD (heads-up display) palette above iTunes putting just the AppleScripts you need a mouse-click or two away.

Instead of having to click and scroll through iTunes’ Script menu over and over again for just the two or three scripts you need during a big job or for the handful of scripts you use most frequently, let ScriptPal keep your most-needed AppleScripts conveniently ready and able to be launched with a double-click…or edited in Script Editor with an option-click…or arranged into compact and reusable Workgroups…

With ScriptPal you can:

  • Have quick and easy access to the iTunes AppleScripts in the iTunes “Scripts” folder, including aliases to AppleScripts elsewhere
  • Launch AppleScripts with a double-click
  • Display only the scripts you need
  • Organize and save collections of scripts into re-loadable Workgroups
  • See a script’s System Preferences-assigned iTunes shortcut keys
  • Open and edit scripts in Script Editor
  • Reveal a script’s file and “Get Info” window in the Finder
  • Create new folders in the “Scripts” folder
  • Access a script’s “Read Me”
  • Search for a script’s entry here at

ScriptPal is easy to configure and use. And it’s free!

April 28 '09 - 11:44 am
Coming Soon

Here’s a quick video demo of the forthcoming free app, ScriptPal.

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