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January 22 '14 - 7:15 pm
Apple Releases iTunes v11.1.4

Apple has released iTunes 11.1.4 which lets you see your Wish List in the library, improved languages support and unspecific “stability improvements”.

October 6 '11 - 6:29 am
Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

March 2 '11 - 5:57 pm
iTunes 10.2 Available

This afternoon, Apple posted iTunes v10.2. According to the Apple blurb it mostly provides accommodation for iOS 4.3.

December 15 '10 - 6:23 pm
iTunes 10.1.1 Available

Looks like some minor fixes are available in iTunes 10.1.1.

December 15 '10 - 3:22 pm
iBooks v1.2 Available

Apple has posted iBooks v1.2 for iOS devices with some cool new features including PDF and notes printing and Collections creation for books and PDFs.

November 27 '09 - 9:40 am
Roll Yer Own iTunes LP

Apple has posted everything you need “to create a rich, interactive experience around your music and movies. All right in iTunes.” It’s a complete development guide including templates, best practices, and the latest TuneKit.

September 22 '09 - 9:25 pm
USB-IF Responds Against Palm

John Paczkowski reports the USB Implementers Forum has decided that Apple is not hampering competition by blocking the Pre from syncing with iTunes. The USB-IF additionally suggests that it is Palm that may be in violation of the rules. Ruh-roh.

September 22 '09 - 8:55 pm
iTunes 9.0.1 Released

Apple has released an iTunes update and describes pretty explicitly (for Apple) what the fixes are, like the issue with the zoom button, unexpected quits, and unresponsiveness, the latter two of which I experienced a couple few times.

Tell you one thing. It installed a lot faster on Leopard than it did on Snow Leopard.

Now, did they fix the discrepancy with displayed track sizes versus displayed Finder file sizes under Snow Leopard (my pet radar report)? No:

September 9 '09 - 2:29 pm
iTunes 9 Released

Apple released iTunes 9 today at its “It’s only rock and roll” event. New features include “Genius Mixes”; improved syncing behaviors, like iPhone app organization; “Home sharing” to play, sync, copy tracks among up to 5 users on your local network; “iTunes LPs” in the iTunes Store featuring bonus material like lyrics, art, and video (”Cocktail”); new iTunes Store features.

July 27 '09 - 1:17 pm
Project Cocktail

The news about Apple working with the music labels to “stimulate digital sales of albums by bundling a new interactive booklet, sleeve notes and other interactive features with music downloads” is interesting, but these so-called “interactive” downloads are not new. As I recall, there have been several available from the iTunes Store, usually as part of larger “box” sets. They open in QuickTime and have virtual pages and hot links and they’re pretty cool, depending on how they are designed.

Although I don’t think it likely, wouldn’t be surprised if DRM was part of the “talks”.

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