January 1 2007 - 4:02 pm

Semi-Annual Advisements

A new year, same old reminders (clip 'n' save):

  • 1. AppleScripts are for Macintosh computers only.
  • 2. AppleScripts are for Macintosh computers only.
  • 3. AppleScripts are for Macintosh computers only.
  • 4. Do not bookmark scripts from your address bar. To spread the word about a particular script, right-click or Control-click its green "link to this entry" button and choose your option.
  • 5. iPod AppleScripts will not work if your iPod is formatted for Windows.
  • 6. The 30 Most Recent AppleScript postings are available via this RSS feed.
  • 7. Before emailing me, check the FAQ.
  • 8. Yes, I am very familiar with the other Douglas Adams (and my poor old elderly mother curses him because I have had to use the diminutive "Doug" in order to avoid the obvious; best joke: at bookstores I tell salespeople my name used to be Emily Bronte but I had to change it because...).
  • 9. I do not much respond to custom script-writing requests. However, if you have an interesting idea, I'm all ears.
  • 10. I think it's great that you have modified scripts from this site for your own use! BUT PLEASE, unless you have created something unique, do not send me script mods. They probably won't get posted.

Thanks for making this site a popular stop on the internet. And thank you very much for any monetary donations you have made, I really appreciate it, and it makes it easier for me to take the time to work on it. Six years, 417 scripts, and counting!

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