July 31 2008 - 2:50 pm

AppleScript Bug or Feature in iTunes 7.7.1

I think I have found a rather unusual AppleScript bug (or perhaps feature; one never knows) in iTunes 7.7.1. It affects several scripts that may need to reference a track using a persistent ID. When attempting to reference a single track with a whose clause, the track reference is returned coerced as a list. This requires that an additional step be taken to extricate the single item (the track reference) from the list. I have filed a bug report. It is reproducible with this script:

tell application "iTunes"
	set t to item 1 of selection
	set p to (get persistent ID of t)
	log ("p: " & p)
	set the_track to (some track of library playlist 1 whose persistent ID is p)
	-- the result is a list
		{file track id 33083 of library playlist id 10591 of source id 46}
	log the_track
end tell

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