July 17 2008 - 2:32 pm

Buy These

I mentioned previously that we moved and I had to set up My Stuff in a new place. We're apartment renters and we are now on a second floor. Having been a first floor-er for thirteen years I know how unintentionally noisy the second floor people can be (although the guy who was compelled to pace back and forth while on the phone Must Die). In order to ensure as little noise as possible from my studio gets downstairs I have been investigating speaker isolation materials. I highly recommend these Auralex MoPADS babies whether you have sound encroachment problems or not. They will totally isolate your speakers from whatever you have them in contact with. Not only do they isolate your speakers from reverberating through the floorboards, wallboards, studs, rafters, and so on, they will improve the sound of your speakers. I use Behringer TRUTH B2031A as studio monitors and using the Auralex MoPADS not only reduces acoustical coupling but the damn things sound incredible--almost as if they were suspended from the ceiling, which is what we did at radio station studios. So, go to.

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