June 9 2009 - 8:14 pm

Special Kind Playlist Property Weirdness, ctd

A little more about the "none" bug, mentioned earlier today. Any script compiled and saved before iTunes 8.2 which uses the "none" constant with playlist's special kind property will error. Thus, if you get an error concerning "«constant eSpKkSpN»" then it is most likely this bug.

The fix, as I also mentioned earlier, is to open the script with Script Editor, making a note of whether the script's format is compiled (.scpt or .scptd extension) or application (.app extension), and replacing any occurrence of «constant eSpKkSpN» with the bare word none. Then "Save as..." the script, making sure the File Format in the save dialog is set as you noted.

The script should run fine under iTunes 8.2, but, because it has been re-compiled, will not under iTunes 8.1.1 and earlier.

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