October 31 2009 - 10:17 am

Confirmed: iTunes 9.0.2 Script Menu App Bundle Bug

iTunes 9.0.2 will not display AppleScript Application Bundles in its Script menu. The apps are still where they are supposed to be, ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts/ or /Library/iTunes/Scripts/, and they still work when fired from the Finder. It's just that iTunes doesn't recognize them for inclusion in the Script Menu. Apple is aware of the issue.

This is a problem in Snow Leopard since the default build type for AppleScript applications is the bundled type--there is no longer an option to create "plain" application scripts. Thus any AppleScript applications created in Snow Leopard will not appear in iTunes' Script menu, as well as, of course, any AppleScript application ever saved as Application Bundle.

Scripts affected will display Kind: Application (Universal) in their Get Info window.

Affected apps that you simply gotta access while iTunes is frontmost can be copied/moved to ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/iTunes/ and they will appear in the system-wide Scripts menu.

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