February 26 2011 - 11:49 am

Skip and Pretend We Played This Redux

A popular item on the Missing Menu Commands page is Skip and Pretend We Played This. If a song is playing that you don't really want to hear, you'd launch this script to increase its play count by 1 (since it would not be increased until the track actually finished playing), set the last played date to the current date and time (ditto), and play the next track. I use it in a live-updating Smart Playlist that, among other criteria, uses the last played date to only list songs not played in the past few weeks. This keeps any track I don't want to hear from re-appearing for another few weeks. Ideally launched via shortcut, and so on.

But ANYway.

Correspondent Dirk Scharff noted that "if used in the first 2-20 seconds of the song the skip counter is increased too and that's somewhat undesirable as this wouldn't happen if I played that song." I don't pay much attention to skips at my house, but he has a point. So Dirk submitted a mod to the script which I have incorporated below:

The two lines that contain the originalSkipCount variable are Dirk's mod:

tell application "iTunes"
	if player state is not stopped then
			set theTrack to current track
			tell theTrack
				set originalSkipCount to (get skipped count)
				set played count to (get played count) + 1
				set played date to (get current date)
			end tell
			next track
			set theTrack's skipped count to originalSkipCount
		end try
	end if
end tell

This will keep the skip count from increasing under any circumstance (when you run the script, that is; it doesn't change iTunes' default skip-counting behavior). If you prefer that the skip counter behave normally you can just comment out or delete the two lines with originalSkipCount.

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