July 22 2011 - 11:18 am

Status of Lion Updates

Since OS X 10.7 was released on July 20, the number of visitors to this site using Lion has grown from less than 3 percent to about 25 percent—and growing. Apple reported a million downloads of Lion on the first day alone. Therefore, I expect that a lot of Saturday Geek Dads (and Moms and Kiddies) will be updating to Lion this coming weekend.

Several of my applications are not yet ready for Lion. Those with the largest install-base (Dupin and Join Together) and those apps available on the Mac App Store have been updated. However, Daypart, iTunes Library Manager, and ScriptPal have not and I will be working on those in the coming days. (Actually, I expect to finish a new version of Daypart by the end of August.) And, of course, I need to update any AppleScripts that require compatibility with Lion.

Perhaps needless to say: I'm going to be very busy.

I'm pretty much aware of what needs updating and what doesn't, but if you run into a particular problem, I won't mind getting a quick email. Please don't tweet troubles, though. It's impossible to troubleshoot via Twitter. I'd much rather keep a record using email. Thanks.

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